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"My Senegal,Piglet,is almost 22.She was 3 months when we bought her. At first she was my bird,extremely affectionate, and very bright. She learned word quickly and tricks in 5 minutes.She tolerated my husband but we socialized her so she went to everyone.Then she became my husband's bird and would shriek whenever approached. I worked with her and she began to tolerate me. She is very territorial now but only in the kitchen. She growels,gives a judo chop and does other aggressive displays when I am around.If she is up higher than me, on a cupboard, she will attack and bite.drawing blood.We have a Pineapple con ure,another victim of her attacks ,but Gumdrop is too fast to be hurt.Piglet is jealous,I know,but extremely territorial in the kitchen. She is not afraid of me. I can hand feed her and occasionally she gets on my shoulder when she wants a ride.One person advised me to flap my wings like an agressive bird display.It worked but only a few times.Sometimes she approaches me and asks for a kiss or to be petted.I sing German lieder to her and she really likes that. She has destroyed furniture,molding and cupboards with her might beak.That is my husband's fault as he does not stop her.Recently she has discovered telephone books and prefers those however.Aside from those rare times of affection,she has bitten my big toe so hard that I had to wear a larger shoe for a week or bitten my ear. Piglet is obsessive..You can remove her from a spot and she will go right back,while you are standing there. Then,if my husband listens to me,she gets a time out in her cage for 5 minutes.She is afraid of brooms.Once when I was sweeping the kitchen,she attacked me. I moved the broom and she fled. I could re-home her but she adores my husband. She would mourn.Also who will take a bird who destroys a house better than a termite, dive bombs everyone not her favorite person and attacks the only other bird in the house. She learned how to crawl into our kitchen cupboards and we have to take tent ties and put them on our cupboard doors. What can we do to curb her proclivities of jealousy and territorialism? If she is in the kitchen,I avoid going in there.I approach her in all other areas of the house.She also hates cameras and I have stopped taking pictures of her. She is a family member. If she were a child,she would have gotten counseling long before this. Is there a bird psychiatrist?"

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