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"Hi... my name is Courtney. I have 3 female gerbils. 2 live together and 1 is alone. The one that is alone, Gary, i got from a teacher at school. She was going to drown him and half his tail is missing from some one picking him up by it. =(. She likes being the only gerbil and only responds to me! i dont pick her up. I just pet her gently and stick my hand in there. She watches me sleep and sits there and stares at me when i talk to her! She lives in a 10 gallon aquarium with a cage topper, that consists of 4 other wire cage levels. she loves it. Then, i loved her so much i bought 2 more, Snowflake and Snickers. I let them run all over me and my bed daily. I bought them when they were about 7 weeks old and they're siblings. They are so tame that i can take them outside and not worry about them jumping. They groom each other and love the company. I've had them about a year nearly. They live in another habitat the same as Gary's. all My gerbils seem to think their bathroom is their wheel. and That can really produce a smell... Yea! Snowflake is pure white... execpt she has some stains from snickers. She gnaws on her cage so all the fur is off her nose. She tilts and kinda has a hunchback, but I love her. She's perfectly healthy. When i first got Sno and Snick they had another companion that died. All of them had Wet tail... and i took then to the vet and Snowflake and Snickers survived. I only use brown fluffy bedding. Little wooden houses and bedding fluff for a bed. Gary has 2 bowls of food full at all times. The little ones have a feeder. I use a silent wheel that attaches to the inside of the wire and they love them! i have 2 on Snickers and Snowfkas cage and 1 in gary's. They all have salt wheels and i give them paper towel and toilet paper rolls to gnaw on daily. They all sleep on the top level and play in their aqaurium. Snowflake and snickers have alfalfa log and all of them have straw and hay. They have tissue boxes that i cut holes in to play in and gnaw on. they are awesome pets and i love all of them! sorry so long! =]] "

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