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Alexandrine Parakeet Fact Sheet
Alexandrine Parakeet - 03-26-12
   The Alexandrine Parakeet, like most of the ringnecks, is a very striking bird.
All About Parakeets Fact Sheet
All About Parakeets - 01-20-12
   All types of parakeets, from budgies to ringnecks, will make lively, cheerful, companions if they are well taken care of!
Double Yellow-Headed Amazon Fact Sheet
Double Yellow-Headed Amazon - 06-28-11
Double Yellow-Headed Amazons are excellent talkers and frequently sing very well too!
Blue-fronted Amazon Fact Sheet
Blue-fronted Amazon - 06-28-11
   Blue Front Amazon is a very outgoing bird, a great performer and loves to talk!
Green-cheeked Amazon Fact Sheet
Green-cheeked Amazon - 06-27-11
   The pretty Red-crowned Amazon is one of the most agreeable of the Amazon Parrots!
African Grey Congo Fact Sheet
African Grey Congo - 06-15-11
   The Congo African Grey is one of the most loved parrots, and renown for its talking ability!
African Grey Timneh Fact Sheet
African Grey Timneh - 06-15-11
   The Timneh African Grey is a highly intelligent parrot, and another great talker!
Large Macaw Parrots Fact Sheet
Large Macaw Parrots - 06-10-11
The magnificent Large Macaws are impressive birds, once you've seen one of these incredible beauties you'll never forget it!
Basic Care for Pet Birds Fact Sheet
Bird Care - 06-08-11
   The best pet birds are those that get great bird care... and it starts here!
Hawk-headed Parrot Fact Sheet
Hawk-headed Parrot - 06-06-11
   The Hawk-Headed Parrot displays a ruff that rings its head when excited or angry, thus giving it a 'hawk-like' appearance!