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Red-lipped Blenny Fact Sheet
Red-lipped Blenny - 06-09-21
   The larger 7.5” Horserace Blenny can hold it’s own in aggressive tanks, and should only be kept with fish at least twice it's size!
Brown surgeonfish Fact Sheet
Brown surgeonfish - 06-09-21
   The Brown Surgeonfish is the smallest and least colorful of its genus, but makes up for this by its more peaceful demeanor with other tank mates!
Clown Tang Fact Sheet
Clown Tang - 06-09-21
   With whimsical colorful stripes, their unique markings give them the name Clown Tang, Lined Tang, or Blue-lined Surgeonfish!
Purple Tang Fact Sheet
Purple Tang - 06-06-21
   Beauty and brawn!  The Purple Tang as beautiful as it is hardy, and quite mellow if given the proper tank size!
Black Longnose Sailfin Tang Fact Sheet
Black Longnose Sailfin Tang - 06-06-21
   With it's jet black coloring, the Black Longnose Sailfin Tang is a difficult fish to photograph, unless it is swimming in front of some bright decor!
Vlamingi Tang Fact Sheet
Vlamingi Tang - 06-06-21
   A highly sought after surgeonfish, the Vlamingi Tang or Bignose Unicornfish becomes quite spectacular by the time it reaches 8 to 10" long!
Yellowfin Surgeonfish Fact Sheet
Yellowfin Surgeonfish - 06-05-21
   The Yellowfin Surgeonfish is one very big fish, in fact, a fisherman will often find one on his hook!
Achilles Tang Fact Sheet
Achilles Tang - 06-04-21
   The Achilles Tang is appropriately named, bringing to mind the Greek hero, Achilles, who had a flaw of vulnerability that proved fatal, thus the term “Achilles Heel.”
Blackpatch Triggerfish Fact Sheet
Blackpatch Triggerfish - 11-06-20
   The slightly smaller Blackpatch (sometimes incorrectly called Bursa) Triggerfish is easy to mistake for a Picasso Triggerfish, but the big dark oval on the “blackpatch” in their lower back belly is a tell tale sign.   
Miniatus Grouper Fact Sheet
Miniatus Grouper - 11-06-20
Looking for one or two very large and colorful fish for your huge saltwater tank?  Look no further, the Coral Hind is the saltwater counterpart of Oscar Cichlids!