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All About Draft Horses Fact Sheet
All About Draft Horses - 04-15-12
Draft Horses are very strong, heavy workhorses with a patient and docile demeanor!
All About Ponies Fact Sheet
All About Ponies - 04-15-12
Miniature horses, known as ponies, make great horses for children as well as many other equestrians that like a smaller statured horse!
All About Light Horses Fact Sheet
All About Light Horses - 04-15-12
Light Horses are the best known modern horses ranging from high spirited hot blooded horse breeds to sturdy, dependable warmblood breeds!
Shire Fact Sheet
Shire - 04-11-12
  The magnificent Shire is powerful and muscular, and is the tallest breed of horse!
Horse Care Fact Sheet
Horse Care - 04-11-12
Good horse care leads to a strong, interactive and healthy horse and an enjoyable long lived companion!
Appaloosa Fact Sheet
Appaloosa - 01-10-10
  The Appaloosa is an American breed that was developed by the Nez Perce Indian tribe!
Arabian Horse Fact Sheet
Arabian Horse - 01-06-10
   The Arabian, known for its incredible endurance, can maintain a run for over 100 miles!
Clydesdale Fact Sheet
Clydesdale - 01-06-10
   The Clydesdale is one of the most popular heavy horses in the world!
Friesian Fact Sheet
Friesian - 01-05-10
   Though not the oldest breed of horse, the Friesian is thought to be descended from the primitive Forest Horse!
Horse Breeding Fact Sheet
Horse Breeding - 01-04-10
Producing baby horses is very exciting but there are many points to consider before jumping in!