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Blackpatch Triggerfish Fact Sheet
Blackpatch Triggerfish - 11-06-20
   The slightly smaller Blackpatch (sometimes incorrectly called Bursa) Triggerfish is easy to mistake for a Picasso Triggerfish, but the big dark oval on the “blackpatch” in their lower back belly is a tell tale sign.   
Miniatus Grouper Fact Sheet
Coral Hind (Cephalopholis miniata) - 11-06-20
Looking for one or two very large and colorful fish for your huge saltwater tank?  Look no further, the Coral Hind is the saltwater counterpart of Oscar Cichlids!
Golden-striped Grouper Fact Sheet
Sixline Soapfish, Goldenstriped Soapfish - 11-06-20

Hard to categorize, the Sixline Soapfish is both peaceful and hardy, as well as aggressive and suggested for experts only!

Clown Grouper Fact Sheet
Spotted Grouper - 11-06-20
Although quite shy as a juvenile, the Spotted Soapfish will soon recognize who feeds it and will become quite tame!
Blue-spotted Grouper Fact Sheet
Blue-spotted Grouper - 11-06-20
Those beautiful, bright, blue spots on the Peacock Hind will be the last thing most fish or eels see!  Yet this behemoth has a sweet side, eventually eating out of it’s owners hands!
Red Dottyback Fact Sheet
Red Dottyback - 11-06-20
  The Red Dottyback is a beautiful and hardy fish, with serious anger issues, which can be dealt with by a wise aquarist.
Panther Grouper Fact Sheet
Panther Grouper - 11-05-20
For some aquarists, the juvenile polka dotted Panther Grouper was the reason they got into the saltwater hobby!  And yes, “Spot” was the most popular name!
Leopard Wrasse Fact Sheet
Leopard Wrasse - 06-01-20
   Like all the leopard wrasses, this wrasse has a distinctive spotted 'leopard' patterning, giving rise to its descriptive names!
Yellowhead Moray Eel Fact Sheet
Fimbriated Moray Eel, Yellowhead Moray - 05-04-20
The Fimbriated Moray Eel is a beautiful creature, sought after by aquarists for their interesting and varied patterns.  However, they tend to be very cryptic and need large systems.
Ribbon Eel Fact Sheet
Ribbon Eel, Rhinomuraena quaesita - 05-04-20
Although the Ribbon Eel has been notoriously hard to keep, some aquarists are having success with feeding these beautiful creatures!  Read on!