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   Like all the leopard wrasses, this wrasse has a distinctive spotted 'leopard' patterning, giving rise to its descriptive names!
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Ashley - 2017-02-03
i just got this fish in London Ontario a few weeks ago- yesterday was the first day I saw him- and I gotta tell you I thought he was dead forever- never did any research before buying- just a spur of a moment thing- but he is amazing- was hiding forever- I have a fully established 2 year old tank with peacefull fish- reef- lots of corals- and rocks- and fed live baby brine shrimp everyday- he is about 1-2 inched rn

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  • Dani - 2017-03-24
    Cool Ashley..first time here and just started this hobby six months ago.. I also have a leopard, they very fussy from what I researched and one of the hard one's to eat, mine didn't show up for two weeks Also..wind the clock a month later no problem eating and always out and about..enjoy
Wesam Azmy - 2017-01-01
This is one of my lovely fish, very peaceful and you will face challenge when you add it to the tank, will keep hiding in the sand bed for days until to encourage it to go out and to start eating, once you success to geting it eating its easy to mantain. This is my fish:

Chuck - 2014-02-24
I have had my large Female Leopard wrasse for 2 days and she is hiding as normal. This is my 2nd go round with the LW. My first one died as my tank overheated. They are very hardy and beautiful fish. Good luck to everyone.

Tyler - 2008-12-21
Leoard Wrasses kick ***! I got mine 5 days ago and the first 2 days I could not find her, but now she is done hiding during the day in the sand and swims throughout my reef looking for food. Hard to find and I only got mine for 10 bucks. Hopefully she lives and adapts well to her new reef.

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  • Ewan - 2010-03-21
    Mine went missing for a about a month. It had a regular pattern of coming out between 10 am and 5 pm, so i had to stay home from work to see it. Fantstic fish if you can get to keep them alive for more than 6 months.
Ryan - 2006-11-29
I have had a leopard wrasse for seven months, and I did not even see it for the first two months. It survived when my tank had ich, and everything in the tank died off except for it. But dont be worried if you dont see the fish for a week, they can hang.

iPher - 2012-10-11
Sigh of relief! I got 2 females yesterday. After acclimating them I released them in the tank. One was fairly calm and exploring a little bit and the other darted straight to the bottom and kicked up a cloud of rubble. Poof! Smoke bomb! It settled quickly and she had disappeared. There is shelter in my tank but nothing I can't see into except for a giant moon snail shell. I thought maybe she's in there and I left it be. Came back an hour later and the other was gone. I have a good lid but I looked all over the floor anyway. This morning I checked the shell and nothing. These fish are ninjas! I was searching this morning to see if anyone else had this problem and found this. I feel better about life now.

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  • Jeremy Roche - 2012-10-11
    These fish are incredible about disappearing for days at a time.  Once they feel safe and get use to the take you will start seeing them more and the they will disappear again!  Have fun solving the mystery!
Rosie - 2010-05-05
My leopard wrasse has been in the tank for about a week at first was very lively(though hid too)! Last night it started to just lie on top of the sand or just against rock have been advised to leave him as he will come round and should be fine! Is this normal!? Worried about him!

Ian - 2006-05-09
Its good to hear about the hiding in the sand. I just introduced one into my tank and have not seen it in 2 days. Started to worry that I lost him but have read they like to hide in the sand.
Very beautiful and hard to find. Good luck everyone!

Ramon Ortiz - 2005-04-08
Same deal with mine. I placed mine in the tank and the first thing that he did was dive into the sand. This fish is a beautiful specimen and a wonderful addition to any tank.

daniel - 2004-11-18
While first entering Leopard Wrasse in refugium tank, sm wrasse dove into sand. Scared as I would assume. Lots of live food for a juv. As for the larger of the two fish I entered it in the reef tank(125)fwlr and found one of the damsel fish pestering it. After a short while the larger fish dove into the sand for cover. Prior to this the fish was finding food in the rocks and working them well. This is the first day, so we will see tomorrow if I can get it to eat other than rock foraging.