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   A highly sought after surgeonfish, the Vlamingi Tang or Bignose Unicornfish becomes quite spectacular by the time it reaches 8 to 10" long!
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joeey - 2008-08-06
I have Dean's above and they are great. I have a pair 12 inches plus, good with all fish. They eat like pigs though so expect to spend a lot on food. Mine have a whole sheet of nori a day each, and frozen and pellets.

Tony - 2010-11-04
Absolutely love this fish! Very active and is usually the first one to greet me upon walking over to the aquarium. It does grow pretty fast and the colors improve with age. Mine is currently about 6 inches (from a two inch juvenile) and swims everywhere in the tank. Maintenance is easy on this fish, once it starts eating and feels confident in its environment. It does eat a lot (poops a lot, too), so have a steady, varied diet ready for it, including lots of nori, and an oversized filtration system to handle the bioload. Would recommend this fish to anyone who has a tank larger than 6 feet long and over 180 gal. in capacity and willing to give it the proper care it deserves, as it will get large and needs plenty of swimming space.

deane - 2007-12-25
A beautiful fish that lives well with my other tangs and koran angel. Grows very fast! and doesn't seem to be prone to marine ich.