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   With whimsical colorful stripes, their unique markings give them the name Clown Tang, Lined Tang, or Blue-lined Surgeonfish!
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jason goldsmith - 2010-11-01
Hi my name is jason and I live in south africa. My friends stepdad caught a powder blue surgeon long ago it was already transparent and later turned back to its normal colors.

saskia - 2004-04-01
tallulah is the name of our very lively healthy clown tang. (although maybe borris is her name do you know if its a male or female ??) anyway , royal of the tank it is. Likes to hang out with clowne fish, and isnt scared to tease simon, the banded shrimp. Likes to shelter in the biggest cave, and will makes her head turn black when feeling territorial. Extremely fast swimmer , loves her food and has a good sense of humour.

Dan Haber - 2003-12-11
I bought a young clown tang a couple of months ago. It has about doubled in size, and just now starting to show some aggressive tendencies. But the odd thing about the fish is that it has become translucent. You can see the abdominal sack clearly as silver. Also, you can see the bone structure. I have never seen anything like this in a tang before. Has anyone else?