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   The Chocolate Tang, popularly called the Mimic Tang, does just that! In its juvenile state it imitates the coloration of pygmy angelfish that live in the same area!
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Andres - 2008-09-26
I have one for two month a juvenile, probably 4 inches long. It is great addition so far, it helps control my alge and I feeds well from flakes and marine algae that I buy from my LFS. I keep him in a 55 gallon tank with 2 Yellowtail damsels a Ocellaris Clownfish and a Coral Beauty. All get along well but occasionally they pick at each other especially at dawn when they retreat to their caves. Between the 2 Yellowtails there is more conflict at times, but they also swim together when they are in a good mood. My tang seems happy but when I get near he retreats to the live rock, he is shy...

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  • fish - 2011-11-07
    WTH that fish has the potiental to grow to 10 inches in caprtivity and needs a LOT of swimming space. I reccomend 140 MINIMUM you better plan on upgrading soon.
daniel - 2011-12-28
I have a large pair of Tomato clownfish and a small lemon peel mimic tang. Today the female clown had the Tang in her mouth. I had to thump her to get her to let go. Why do you guys think the clown would attack the tang like that?

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  • Charlie Roche - 2011-12-29
    Tomato or Red Clownfish, Amphiprion frenatus, can be an agressive fish and have a tendency to become more agressive as they mature. If a fish will fit in another fishes mouth, chances are it will.
  • DreamReefer - 2012-07-11
    I used to have 2 clowns that would nip tank-mate's tails off and then drag them into their anemone, usually at night. It took us nearly a year to figure out where our fish were disappearing to. Anyhow, damsels can be aggressive, especially toward a small, defensless Mimic-Tang. I suggest keeping everyone well fed. Eventually, your Mimic Tang will grow it's little tail spurs and the clown will quit.
Laymis - 2007-01-29
I just want to say thanks all of you for this complete information about saltwater fish, for example (Acanthurus Pyroferus). thank you again, I really appreciate your time on this.

Truly laymis.