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   The Panther Puffer is a handsome and attractive fellow. They do have teeth, and will chow down on lots of things. So, as they get bigger, keep that in mind when you are putting your fingers in the aquarium!
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Tony - 2004-01-17
my puffer just loves eating small crabs that I catch and it makes a very loud crunch noise when it chews. be careful when feeding them live crabs as one time a crab attached itself to my puffer and I had to quickly get it of before it got a chunk out of my puffers back!

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  • Inma - 2013-09-22
    I love taking photos under the water. I am just an amateur photographer, and I have had an amazing opportunity to take some of those near the coast of Australia over last five years, during my visits there. The collection you've compiled is very inspirational. Thanks.
Bud Good - 2005-03-02
these puffers can be kept in freshwater for a reason but is not recommended as these fish are born in freshwater rivers up stream from the ocean and as it grows will gradually move into brackish then finally full out salt water. they are often sold as freshwater or brackish water fish but do not have great success in freshwater tanks best to gradually acclimate them to a marine tank using the drip method

Anonymous - 2004-02-08
Did you know that these puffers can be kept in freshwater

Ryan Saunders - 2003-08-04
My Panther puffer looks like a Twin of the one in the picture. However,it mostly hangs at the surface of the tank,when they are bottom dwellers.Is there something wrong with it? THANKS!