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  The Scooter Blenny, or more accurately, the Ocellated Dragonet, is a smaller dragonet that costs less, however needs just as much consideration as it’s colorful mandarin cousins.
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Ruth - 2010-03-09
Scooter blenny was my favorite too. I say "was" because he passed on yesterday. I had a lot of algae on the rocks in my 65 gallon berlin style reef and not a lot of coral thanks to the Racoon Butteryfly (which are awesome to get rid of aiptasia btw if you don't care about losing all your mushrooms too). To decrease the algae I took 3 actions: decreased frozen food (mysis etc.) from 2 cubes per day to 1 for all 8 fish; turned off the MH--actinic blue fluorescent only each day for 12 hours; stepped up 10% water changes/vacuuming from every 2 weeks to every week. Which killed the blenny? I swear he was eating but maybe it wasn't enough. You be the judge and comments welcome.

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  • Tyler seyfert - 2014-06-14
    How long have you had your scooter, they eat really small copepods that reproduce normally in your sump so its possible he didn't have any food to eat
Ruthie - 2008-12-03
I just came home with my spouse and took a looked in the 50 gallon breeder tank, and we found our two scooter blennies mating! What a suprise! As soon as we walked up to the tank though, they separated quicker than an 85 year old at the slot machine. After they separated we saw the eggs or sperm sacks, whatever they were. We don't know, does anyone have an answer for me? Are they egg layers or live birth fish? We have a 3 stripped damsel, Yellow tailed damesel, a yellow tang and a zebra tang, 3 turbo snails and 4 hermits and a sally light foot. Will all the rest eat the eggs if the scooters lay eggs? Thank you very much

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  • nat - 2012-10-01
    My scooter blennie is not eating and it's not moving around like it used too and I think he will die. The tank has some algea on the glass and red stuff on the heater what should I do.
Anonymous - 2012-02-11
Alguien me puede ayudar estoy muy preocupado x qme acuario se ensucia mucho, le sale mucha cosa d color morado y manchas verdes y se las limpio y al sig dia otra vez . Le cambio el agua c/ 8dias y nada my anemona y blenny estan muy tristes porfavor aconsejenme.clownfish y yelowtail blue estan muy bien en el mismo acuario. Gracias.

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  • Alex Burleson - 2012-02-11
    ¡Hola! Es lamentable que usted está experimentando los problemas con tu acuario. Sin embargo, hay esperanza. Cambiar el 25% del agua cada 7 días, o una vez por semana. Asegúrese de que el acuario no está cerca de la luz del sol, y asegurarse de que la luz en el acuario, sólo lo hace durante 6-8 horas diarias. Ni más ni menos. Espero que esto ayude! Por favor, disculpe la calidad de mi español, soy un hablante nativo de Inglés.
shelly - 2011-02-28
I have a 55 gal aquarium that I just went to from a 30 gal. The guy I bought it from had crushed shells and coral on the bottom so I left it. Now I wanted to go and get the scooter blenny that I have wanted so bad and was told no because it must have a sand bottom. Anyone out there that can tell me different?

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  • Jeremy Roche - 2012-03-01
    Add a layer of live sand. I have mixed it before and my blennies did just fine. Really do not recommend removing crushed shells because you already have all the established colonies in your existing substrate.
mark - 2005-10-31
I have had my scooter blenny for two years now and have never gotten bored with him. he is an active and lively member of my 45 gallon semi reef aquarium. Scooters, for some reason, fascinate me. especially there ability to change color to suit their surroundings very much like a chameleon does, only just not to such an extreme extent. i would highly recommend anyone with a 30 gallon+ aquarium to keep one of these wonderful little characters. They grow to be about 3.2 inches and will eat algae, small crustaetians and occasionally flake foods

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  • Fred Schuster - 2010-10-24
    I have three scooter's in my 180 gallon tank, two females and one male. They are all happy and doing well, at least for the past two years. I have not noticed that they eat algae but they do eat formula one small pellet dry food every time I feed the fish. All three look well nourished and eat readily when I feed the other fish. They will swim in the currents to capture brine shrimp when added to the tank as well. I am not sure about the breeding habits as some have mentioned, I have noticed that the male and one of the females will disappear into the rocks for about a week or two and then emerge. I have always assumed that they were laying eggs in the rocks.

    I know that it has been said that these little creatures are difficult to keep in a tank and should be avoided, however my experience has been good and I would recommend getting a pair. They readily eat the formula one dry small pellets and seem to be doing good.

    They are a joy to watch in your tank as they are always moving from the time the lights come on to the time the lunar lights go out. They do bury themselves in the sand at night and come out in the morning a sand color.

    A great little addition to the reef tank.
cory - 2009-12-31
We got a scooter Blenny about 3 weeks ago. We bought him at the pet store out of a 8 gallon Bio Cube. Now he is in a 55 Gal tank with a half black angel, 2 blue chromis, a serpentine starfish, a chocolate chip star fish, and a couple different crabs. He went from being very active and bright colored to pale white and very stationary, what is wrong all my other fish are doing great. He's still eating just acting very funny! Any thoughts... I have a fishless mainly coral filled 8 gallon bio cube like the one he came from, should I transfer him into that? We really don't want to lose him.

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  • Kevin - 2010-09-22
    I would say transfer him. I'm no expert, but it sounds like the bigger and more populated environment may not be settling well with him. Also, the serpentine starfish could be a problem, or possibly the chocolate chip starfish. The Serpentine, depending on the type, may be tempted to eat the blenny depending on its size. They are known for dropping down on bottom dwelling fish from time to time. The chocolate chip starfish could possibly go for it as well. That all depends on size though. I would definitely say move it though. I bought a scooter blenny not long ago and moved some of my star fish to another tank just to be safe ;)
Eddie - 2007-06-05
I am pretty sure that my scooter blennies were mating just now. I didn't think that they were getting along but i guess i was wrong.

Aremell - 2007-02-06
I like to know where our inhabitants reside in the tank at night. The blenny was hard to find. It would just disappear. One of the residents moved a small rock into the corner. The cleaner shrimp dug blenny out of the sand in that corner. Blenny didn't move. Thought it was dead from rock. Tried to take out blenny but it swam away. Huh, Wonder if blennies play possum! BTW blenny is my fav.

jon - 2007-01-08
I like watching the scooter blennys shoot across the surface. my dad has a 240 litre tank and it is great and i love waching it. they are very active in the day. they get along with the other fish; a yellow tang, 2 green chromis, 2 humbugs, and 2 damsels. they are so awesome. by jon age 11

Curtis - 2006-11-25
My little scooter jumped ship while keeping him in my HOB refugium. I suggest keeping a top on the tank with these fellows unless you want to find a body on the floor :(. Never expected it to do that.