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he Sebae Clownfish is probably one of the best known, but most seldom seen of the anemonefish!
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francois- - 2006-01-31
I have a sebae in my 110 gallon reef tank and he is the favorite fish of many people who come to see my tank because he is always swimming and trying to find food all day. He is very peaceful. Do not put it with fish that eat slowly because he eats very, very fast. It will try to eat every thing you just put in the tank. You can put it in a group of 2-3 with no problem if they are added at the same time. It goes in every (some exceptions) anemone. Defenitly it is the most beautiful clownfish to keep in the aquarium!

marshall mcgeary - 2010-03-11
Bred sebaes 25 years ago, was told it had never been done anywhere in the world before at that time.

logan - 2007-06-11
Hi, True Sebae are hard to find. They have 2 white bars with the body stripe forming a rough S, tilting at the top toward the rear of the fish and into the dorsal fin. They also have yellow tail fins. Juveniles are yellow but turn dark brown as they mature.