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Getting a Copperband Butterflyfish is like choosing from a box of fine chocolates, each is a unique individual!
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Steve - 2014-02-11
I purchased a CBB.. When I added it to my tank, my yellow tang chased it constantly. I ended up taking it out and placing it in another tank. I plan on getting an in tank quarantine box so I can place it in my main tank to protect the CBB. That way my yellow tang will get used to seeing it before I let it loose again. I hope it works.

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  • Clarice Brough - 2014-02-12
    What a wonderful fish! (I'm envious, it's true) Those darn yellow tangs love to go after anything they think is a 'yellow' competitor. I think that may be what's happening. Good idea to quarantine (maybe move the tang into a quarantine, re-arrange the tank, then move it back). A great way to help disrupt established ideas of what home is, and get fish to re-evaluate their place in the
Pam - 2012-02-22
I am so upset. Put my new copperband buttterfly in my reef tank yesterday. He seemed fine and my snowflake went up, bit him and then grabbed him and pulled him down!!!!

dan - 2011-02-09
That's amazing...12 years! I have recently purchased one but arrived to the shop with lymphocystis, had it in quarantine for over a month now and the virus is going finally :) can't wait to put him/her in my big reef tank.

gene - 2009-03-20
I have a CBB with a mated pair of blue-jaw triggers, one large Naso Tang, Yellow Tang and Sailfin Tang. Since the CBB was the last addition (not a good idea) it was chased mercilessly -- I was concerned it might not make it. Then, it came out and began eating frozen mysis and brine shrimp. It's doing very well now and everyone in my 125g get along well.

Jamie - 2007-08-12
I have not had my butterfly fish long and it seems fine with all my other fish. Sometimes it chases my blue tang around but does not attack any of the fish. I think it might have white spot and there are lots of medicines to treat this, but they dont get it as much as tangs.

Liam - 2007-01-22
yes yes, this butterfly fish is good. it eats everything, it isnt aggresive, it swims everywhere, and ive had it for 12 years.