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   The larger 7.5” Horserace Blenny can hold it’s own in aggressive tanks, and should only be kept with fish at least twice it's size!
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Sherry - 2010-05-31
We also have a blenny we were told was a red headed blenny. It doesn't have any red in it. It changes color and can go almost white, but it is mostly black, and gets white lines across it's face, and white in its eyes, along with a line of white dots along its bottom fin. It is so cool, we're hoping someone can tell us what kind of blenny it is?

Diana Hancock - 2009-11-10
I have this fish (the one in the excellent pictures from John Rice)and have been searching all day to try to identify it. (It was sold to me incorrectly as a "red finned blenny.") But this fish is NOT a redlipped or "horseface" blenny. I still don't know what it is for sure, but the face shape is quite different from the Ophioblennius atlanticus and the "night time" markings of this fish are much more elaborite than that of a horseface. (Also, it's dorsal fin is higher than a red lipped blenny and it lacks the red lips which are it's namesake feature) IF anyone knows for sure what the fish in this picture really is, I would love to know :) THANK YOU!

some fish lover! - 2009-10-24
I have a red lipped blenny and he is so cute! He always comes to the tank when I go near and stays there until I feed him! I love mine so you should love yours to if you have and if you dont have one get one!