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Originally mistaken for a butterflyfish, the Vermiculated Angelfish’s beauty continues to attract aquarists!
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topbanana - 2010-09-29
Mine has been great, was very thin when bought, so tried a tiny bit of formula one flake within 5 mins of going into tank, had it away, and is getting bigger and bigger by the day. Eats anything and everything. He /she made instant friends with my cinnibar clownfish, and they are always together.

justin h - 2008-01-01
I had good luck with mine from day one. He ate my aptastia and most of my bubble algae. He does pick at my polyps, but thats about it. Great fish, one of my favorites.

Anonymous - 2007-07-27
have had my angel for a couple of weeks. Saw it very little at first but now I see it all of the time. Won't eat with the other of my fish but eats off of the live rock.

Anonymous - 2006-10-17
it start eating after 3 days. I offered shrimp pieces and than it started to eat anything; like pellets, flakes, even freeze dried worms ;]

Tara - 2006-09-18
My singapore angel, Bella, would only eat in private for about 3 days, but now she rules the tank, showing off whenever possible

anthony j. keith - 2006-05-31
I have had no problem with my chaemeso angelfish eating, it has eaten well since day one, so far so good.

dexter - 2006-03-13
I have found that these fish are very hard to get to eat when they are new to a tank. they will often stare at the food and not eat for a long period of time, often resulting in their death.

Justin - 2006-02-07
this fish is not reef safe at all. completly destroying my modern bubble