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The Three-spot Angelfish is bold in color and peaceful in demeanor, but difficult to keep long term!
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Buderi - 2016-08-27
It is strange why the yellow three spot angelfish is described as difficult. Mine is eating Hikari Marine pellets, Ocean Nutrition pellets and Spectrum pellets. It was looking very healthy and eating in the shop before I decided to get it. Perhaps it is best to check if any intended fish is eating in the shop first before considering.

Anonymous - 2009-12-06
I have had a Flagfin Angelfish for about a year now in a 70 gallon FOWLR; no problems whatsoever. Took live foods to get him to eat and eventually got him to eat frozen and now eats all food types even pellets. Very friendly fish and is always out swimming in the open.

soldier1stclass - 2010-10-06
According to most websites, the flagfin angelfish is "difficult" level. We added one into our tank, around 4", and it got along just fine with all other fishes. It acclimated well and eats frozen food. He's not aggressive, but swims very fast and that sometimes scares other fishes (maybe because he is the biggest in size). Other than that, he's one beautiful addition to the tank. Not as difficult as I expected...

brad - 2006-05-30
We have had our three spotted angel with two varieties of clowns and damsels. They all get along quite well. The angelfish feeds well on flakes, brine shrimp and marine greens, and moves well through the 45 gallon tank. Loves to be cleaned by our tiger shrimp who tends to hide from the three spotted angel.