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The beautiful Scribbled Angelfish, exhalted for its strikingly colors and patterning, is a favorite of aquarists!
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craig scott - 2009-03-17
This angel is a true stunner. My tank has been set up for 6 months and I use tap water, and this angel has thrived in my tank. He lives with a regal, cream, queen, majestic, emperor, flame angelfish and lives with a powder blue, regal, purple, and yellow tang.

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  • nick - 2010-04-08
    How large is your tank?
  • Dustin - 2011-03-07
    Better be at least a 1000 gallons or he is asking for death.
jack kerr - 2009-05-29
I have been very lucky with this angel, he has done really well in my tank. Very easy to keep. Not always had the best water quality and this angel has gone through nitrates and ammonia and never had a problem with him. And he has a brilliant peronality also.