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The Regal Angelfish is a fascinating fish and one of the most attractive angels in the ocean!
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coolman - 2010-04-17
i have a 5 inch red sea regal angel that is a great fish and eats fine, he lives with a zebra moray, damsel, yellow tang and sailfin in a 85 gallon aquarium

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  • Dave - 2011-01-19
    coolman-Did you have to do anything special to coax the fish to eat when you first got it?
onedelacruz - 2008-05-28
I've got a 5 inch philippine regal angel. He has as good an appetite as any other angel I've had. He just needed to be trained to eat frozen food. He ate live brine shrimp at first but then switched to formula one. He also eats nori and I sometimes provide him with florida live rock to graze on. He is the only large fish in my SPS reef tank. His tankmates are a lyretail anthias trio and some small green chromis. This is my first Regal Angel and my dad had a philippine regal as well. both started eating right away so I guess we were lucky. I think the key is to house the regal only in an established reef tank. My dad kept his in a 300 gallon reef tank. Mine seems just as happy in my 40 gallon.

Geoff - 2007-02-07
I've got a Regal Angel just approaching 5 inches and it is a great feeder. I feed brine and mysis shrimp, it also ate most of my macro algaes so looks like i need to restock. System is quite mature, I just have a couple of small pieces of live rock and not a reef system. So far it appears to share the tank well with others including a 3 inch flame angel.

Darius - 2005-10-21
a wonderful fish