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The Red Sea Angelfish is a very curious, cheeky fish that will often approach divers in the wild... to within 3 feet!
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Brett - 2014-07-08
I bought a 2' white stripe tank raised. This little guy is very territorial and chases fish twice his size if they swim by 'his' shell. Don't keep them with shrimp or small brittle stars. Anything that moves in and outside of the tank he has to check out. Eats everything I have offered and quickly learned to recognize me as the food source, pacing the front glass when I am in the room. This fish will stress out most passive tank mates with the speed of his eating to the point they will not feed or get enough food. I have only had him for a month but he has already become my favorite fish.

isaiah hammond - 2010-05-02
This fish is in my opinion the most beautiful and vital fish there is.

adly - 2011-12-26
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