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The Cherub Pygmy Angelfish is a very dynamic little angel, in both looks and action!
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Jake - 2010-06-20
Getting a pygmy soon.

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  • Anonymous - 2012-01-26
    Me too! I would like to get a pair so I guess my best bet would be to get a large one and a small one according to the information above.
James - 2006-01-25
I have a cherub dwarf angel mixed with a variety of fish from long horn cowfish, filefish damsels and maroon clowns. I find it holds its own when it comes to feeding time etc. I have found this specimen very hardy and would highly recommend them.

Benjamin - 2005-03-28
Hi, My Pygmy Angelfish is two weeks old. She is a very active swimer as well as a good algae eater. She is about 1.5in. long and very healthy. She eats algea, flakes and pellets. I also want to add that this sight is exceptonaly good.