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The Koran Angelfish is less touchy than its peers, and has a truly amazing color change as it matures!
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PAUL WILLIAMS - 2006-11-14
Be prepared for quick growth, easily tamed and a fish with a lot of character. Important to try and give a varied diet and reap the rewards of having a strong fish, disease resistant and visually happy.

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  • MACHO - 2012-03-10
    i have a koran angel and a blue face angel in a 72 bow front but i can have a bigger tank in my house will they be okay
  • Ben - 2016-10-22
    Blue Faced Angel usually wins. I had the Koran which is slightly larger but the Koran was the most persistent and belligerent one.
Jonas - 2014-05-23
Hello Can I have a flame angel with a koran angel in the same tank as a 500 Lt? Some of you have any experience?

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  • E.Holmes - 2014-08-25
    I would say probably just because the flame angel is a dwarf and the koran is not, but be careful. If they are close to the same size they may be aggressive towards each other.
niels - 2007-02-26
Very quick growing and very interactive! a stunning fish when little and also in adult colours.