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The King Angelfish is regal in looks and has an attitude that commands respect from its cohabitants!
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angelica - 2005-03-03
They are very good pets!

alaica parker - 2007-02-24
The King Angelfish is surely a beauty to lay eyes on. I had mine all for a mere week, and within that week it ate and seem to do extremely well, and I awoke one morning to find it dead. It gave no warning that it was even sick or dying. I immediately tested the water to see what could have happened to it, all the testings were fine. All I can say is that maybe this fish is exactly like it says, moderately hardy.

chris - 2009-11-10
I had a king angelfish for 27 years and I can say they are the most colorful fish I had every seen.

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  • quella - 2011-08-15
    I really really want some
Brian - 2005-05-17
My Passer is a periodic hellion, but like him any way, and he lives with a Queen, an enormous French angel, and a blue-ringed angel as well. He was raised with the blue ringed and queen since they were babies, it worked out, but have tried it the other way and introduced an older one and that was a disaster. The french angel is 12 inches and she/he keeps everyone in check including my queen trigger - they all reside in a 280 gallon tank now, but when the 3 angels I raised together were babies, I brought them up in a 55 gallon for about 2 years. Use a lot of vitamins! Get one! Brian

Tom Jorden - 2004-04-22
ok i do not personally keep these fish, but i plan to. I have read that the males have yellow pectoral fins, and females have white