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The beautiful Herald's Angelfish is a lively lemon color, making a dramatic showpiece in nice rock-filled aquariums!
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Aboozar Bahmani - 2013-09-22
Having a bright yellow color, this fish gives your tank a nice look. Had the fish for one week so far it has not accepted any food, but picking on micro algae. hope I can keep it

Dhritiman Datta - 2008-03-08
This is a BEAUTIFUL angel. It is not at all aggressive towards its tank mates, but can be tricky to feed. I am keeping 1 in a 100 litre tank for about 3 months now... still it has not touched any food. It feeds on the slime algae and the hair algae in my tank, also it eats my macro algae. It never disturbs my fire fish, clowns etc. But it should be kept in mind while keeping... Live rocks with lots of algae is a must and so is ample hangups, caves, and shady portions.