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The Blue Angel is one of the most beautiful angelfish found in the waters north of the Caribbean!
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CHILL - 2012-01-10
Just got a BlueAngelfish over the holidays. And I've got to say it's one beautiful fish. The prettiest so far that I've owned

sabrina - 2010-02-22
Angel fish are so pretty! even the guys:)

Anonymous - 2013-01-27
I've had a juvenile blue angel for about a month now, took sometime but he is definitely eating now, mysis, flakes, pellets, ect. Also angelfish formula so diet is ok, water paremeters ok, color around head is fading,  know they change color, but afraid this is difficult because it's almost skin tone ish, literally looks like color is disappearing all together? Any advice?

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  • Jeremy Roche - 2013-01-27
    This is often from stress.  What other fish are in the tank?