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The Cloudy Damsel is lively and quick, making a pretty addition to the aquarium!
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Nick T - 2008-12-04
Ha, thats funny! I have a porcupine puffer and cloudy damsel as well, and he doesn't stop terrorising all of them, including my maroon clown which he beat up pretty bad once! Sometimes I wish my puffer would take him out!

kristen - 2006-04-03
I HAD one of these fish along with a porcupine puffer, a key hole angle, domino damsel, a blue devil, and a 4 striped damsel, and this fish picked on all of them yes even the porcupine puffer!
But any way this fish is highly aggresive.
As i said i had one until one day my porcupine got tired of it and ate it. I know devastating, but in the back of my mined i was kind of glad. It could never terrorize again!