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The Goldbelly Damsel is small and beautifully marked with two classic colors, bright blue and yellow!
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Danny - 2006-01-18
I just bought 3 of these last week. Found that they work well with other damsels but not with their own kind so well. I had to seperate all 3 because they locked mouths fighting but ignored other breeds so far. Too soon to tell. Not as hardy as most damsels. But definitely very pretty. I would recomend just one per 25 gallons.

Bill and Alyssa - 2006-03-31
We had a Yellowbelly Damselfish as part of our starter fish, and it did well up till about five days ago. We got a Undalated Triggerfish FREE from a friend that works at Petco, and for a week and a half all was good. All of our Damselfish had let the Triggerfish know it was there tank, but the Yellowbelly took things to the extreme, so now it's at the Petco looking for a new home. It really tore up the Blue Damselfish, and the Triggerfish. We don't suggest keeping one unless you have it in a species only nano tank all on it's own. So much for so far so good as we had writen in our Undalated Triggerfish comment. Now we have an 80 gallon medic tank caused by one PHSYCO little Damselfish w/ a bad additude, and everyone thinks the Undalated Triggerfish is mean. It was like Pee-Wee Herman beatin' up Mike Tyson in our tank.