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The flashy Blue Damselfish is a brilliantly colored small damsel, but with a big attitude!
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joshua - 2003-09-10
I noticed something very weird aout my blue damsels. They change colors at will, normally from a purplish black back to their normal blue.

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  • sophia - 2017-01-23
    Damsels have chromatophores, they're cells that can control pigmentation. When damsels are stressed they turn darker to conserve energy
Dave Lowry - 2009-02-08
I can't believe that there are still people who use these fish to cycle their tanks! There is no need to torture fish just to speed things along for youself. Any real lover of reefs and marine aquaria would never be so cruel as to use a fish for cycling purposes.....amateur hour for noobs. THINK before you act. Live rock can cure by itself, it may take an extra week, but better then abusing animals.

glmory - 2008-11-27
I have kept several of these over the years, and am not sure I ever will again. They are fine with invertebrates or larger fish such as tangs that do not prey on damsels; however they will however make it almost impossible to add any more small fish to your aquarium. If you really are set on putting this fish with anything less than twice their size I would add the damsel last. This will make it more likely he will accept the other fish. Also seriously consider getting a yellowtail damsel instead, these are more peaceful fish.

Also, do not put them in aquariums with lionfish, or grouper. This is almost certain death for a damselfish. The real problem with damsels is not how mean they are, it is that they are too small to place in an aggressive tank, and too mean to put in a more calm tank.

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  • Bill Vasalofsky - 2012-07-24
    Generally you will be safe if you put fish of different shapes and colors. Blue devils might be curious and check a new fish out, but generally don't bother them if they are different shapes or colors. With that said I think a couple of blue devils killed a new French Angel that was alot bigger than they were. As far as aggressive, my Maroon Clown beats all of the other fish in my tank (Niger Trigger, Toby, File)
luckyfish - 2010-08-24
I've had a female blue devil for about six months now and she killed nearly every other fish in the tank except for a few shrimp and a bleny so I bought a snowflake moray but its not interested in the devil so today I got a male, he's awesome. They are very active, colorful and aggressive fish and I love em.

Ashley - 2010-05-13
I have a female all blue damselfish (named Dolce), and I not only love her beautiful blue color, but her fairly docile, sometimes skittish attitude! She doesn't like newcomers at first (flares her fins, backs up to them and does a weird slapping with her tail) but gets over it quick and becomes the new fish'd best friend! lol She currently lives in a 55 gallon tank with a porcupine puffer, false percula clownfish, and a heniochus butterfly.

drew - 2009-12-13
I have an orange tail blue devil, and he lives up to his name, he even bullies my flame angel! He is the only damsel I have ever seen eat from my hand, but can get carried away and nip on my arm while doing tank maintenance. He loves to tease my dogs when the come to check out the tank by swimming back and fourth across the tank. By far the most persenable damsel I've ever seen!

Anonymous - 2006-04-23
I just set up a saltwater aquarium and it has been going for about a month. I have two Blue Damesels. I have had them for about three weeks. I bought them to break in the tank [I know small number of fish] They have never been aggressive or shown aggression. They hang around each other all day. I love watching them go in and out of my rocks! They are a great fish and I plan on keeping them healthy and happy!

Danny - 2006-01-18
Pretty colors. More prone to stress but hardy. Not very aggressive. Very shy and will hide a lot so get more than one. Leaves every thing else alone pretty much. Mine are still small, but I can tell they are not very aggressive as showing very passive behavier.

T - 2005-10-24
I added 4 blue devils to me tank to help start cycling, and I decided to keep them as they are very fun to watch. Now they are huge, and very territorial, and aggressive towards SOME tank mates- BEWARE !

Tara - 2005-10-06
blie devil fish are the best i am doing a report about them