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This energetic Somali is a sight to behold, with its luxurious coat and fox-like appearance!
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Leisa Bonds Stringer - 2016-02-08
I am an avid cat lover. I have three house cats now. They have all been fixed. I would love to be able to have a Fox Face cat/kitten. They are just beautiful to me. I'm not wealthy and if I could obtain one (preferably female) at a cheap price or even free would be great! Please contact me.r

C. West - 2008-03-21
This article describes our Somali purrfectly! They are wonderful buddies to have and you WILL fall in love for life! Andy loves to play-hunt with his feather toy so much that he has even been known to wake us up in the middle of the night by bringing it to us while we're sound asleep and head-butting us awake for attention & to play. He's too sweet to be grouchy over this though. He looks and sounds very sweet & gentle and completely tuned to my every mood - But make no mistake - an attentive and dangerous bird-hunter he is! (a bug will do in a pinch). We love you Andy!! Oh, did I mention that they LOVE to play with water! They are strange, lovable little critters.

M. Irving - 2008-10-24
The Abyssinian breed most certainly did not originate in America!

Fatimah - 2008-02-13
My cat looks exactly like the one in the picture. We call her Musang. She is very playful, active and seeks attention. She likes to hide inside cupboards and sometimes we cannot see her since her fur is like a camouflage. She takes boiled or raw fish daily. She does not like friskies or whiskas. She roams about in the garden and catches mice, cockroaches and even insects like the mosquitoes and flies and keep them in our shoes.

She is recently friendly with a brownish male cat looking a bit like a junior lion which we call Samba. We are very happy with her and love her so much.