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The American Shorthair Cat is a friendly mild-mannered breed, and makes a superb pet cat!
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Susan Mosher - 2019-01-19
We need some help. Our male orange/white cat will be 17 years old in March. He's been a wonderful cat but the last two months he has stopped cleaning himself. So, we bathe him in a tub of nice warm water, blow dry his fur, and he doesn't mind this. He is not very active because of his age. The problem is that he leans over his bed in the front and the white fur has become stained from the dry food. He has always drank water by dipping his paw into the water dish and licking that paw. His front paws are stained dark brown from his dry food as well. We cannot get the stains out and wonder if anybody can give us ideas to use during his bath. Thank you

Annie - 2010-04-18
I have 2 right now I took in because if I didn't take them they would have given them to a farm and they were too little to survive winter outside. They're brother and sister born in August of 09 they love to cuddle and sit on your lap. One time I woke up and Miyu was in my arms like a teddy bear. I just weighed my cats and I was shocked Buzz is almost 3 pounds bigger than his sister she's about 6 and he's about 9 pounds, she's so skinny her legs look so twiggy compared to his muscular build. (This is my first female cat and my family seems to think its because females are supposed to be smaller than males. Also they are both fixed and males tend to weigh more if you're not careful after they're fixed.) Miyu thinks she's a princess and when you correct her for doing something she knows not to do she tilts her head and looks at you with this expression that says "Who me? No! This is the face of an angel!" and she will rub against you so you get your guard down and then she goes right back to doing what you stopped her from doing.

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  • Charlie Roche - 2011-08-19
    Sounds like you are having fun
Dixie - 2014-03-10
A beautiful tri colored cat came to my door for breakfast this morning and he stayed - doesn't seem to want to leave. He's litter box trained and very comfortable with me and my pomeranian dog. I've contacted our shelter and animal control to let them know where he is? If his people are looking for him? He's skinny and ate all Gizmo's blue buffalo grain free tiny bites. I'd love to keep this cat but need a good source of kitty info as I've never been owned by a cat before. The vet is coming to see him tomorrow to check his health and give him shots. He seems to be in good shape except for underweight and his back paws are very dirty.

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  • Frankie (after St Francis of Assisi) - 2014-05-20
    I used to do a lot of fostering...birds, cats and dogs. I just rescued a 3 week old kitten during a deluge. Poor thing was hypothermic. Anyway, if you have any questions, feel free. Hope your girl is doing well! Frankie
  • Anne - 2015-01-25
    I noticed you called the tri-colored cat that adopted you a 'he'. Tri-colored or 'calico' cats are most often female. If yours does turn out to be a male, he will be sterile.
  • Nora sharp - 2015-02-02
    I am looking for a cat just like Dixie. I want an indoor cat
platypuses rock - 2010-03-22
I have 2 shorthairs and they are brother and sister. Their names are chico and lilly. They get along well and they are so affectionate!

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  • Anonymous - 2011-04-18
    stinky awesome
  • Anonymous - 2012-04-25
    Cool I have two of them too. Also a brother and sister. Katie and Captain.
  • KittyGirlSurpreme - 2014-05-24
    I've got two cats as well named Emily and Grace. They're sisters. They're both shorthaired tabbies. Grace is a ginger and Emily is actually a tabby tortoiseshell called a Tobby. Meaning she's got orange and brown stripes. They're really cute. I just got them.
JAY - 2014-03-20
We live in a very rural area but have commuter traffic on our 2 lane road that runs behind our home. It also seems to be a location where many animals have been dumped over the years. My wife found a 5 week old kitten in our yard last Nov. The wife brought her in and put her down, when she spotted me she dashed across the kitchen ran up me and sat on my shoulder, I have been adopted. She is my constant companion when I'm home, eats what I eat, sleeps on or next to me every night, gets quite upset when I leave and meets me at the door when I return and plays fetch better than any dog I've had. Shes a keeper.

Britt - 2008-02-13
Domestic short hairs make an excellent pet. Kittens can be weaned as early as 6 weeks and typically are. Outdoor lifestyles are not safe and lead to many health risks. Diets should be quality food like Nutro or Mother Hubbar (not Friskies or pet store 'junk'), and there is no point in paying hundreds of dollars when these beautiful cats are in shelters for free needing good homes!

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  • Katie - 2011-03-19
    Actually, they should be weaned at 8-12 weeks. The outdoors are great for them so that they can exercise and hunt. And there is nothing wrong with Friskies! But I agree that you do NOT need to pay hundreds of dollars for them!
  • Margo Command - 2012-12-31
    Actually (oh my tao! I googled Friskies and I stopped reading half way through the ingredients in their dry food because I couldn't find ANY meat!) Friskies is one of the worst cat foods around! Cats are MEAT eaters! They should never eat wheat or gluten or anything like that! PEOPLE shouldn't eat that stuff and we can cook! Imagine feeding that *%##$@!, <-- no real word, to an animal that naturally ONLY knows hunting and meat eating! corn gluten?? meat BY-products?? There are no good brands of food in your basic large grocery chain unless perhaps Blue and I'm not sure THAT is such good food. I buy all protein food for my Sammy (tabby long hair) and my Missy (Tuxedo american shorthair built like a polar bear! Her paws are 3 of my fingers wide and she will be going on a diet. She is 15.9 - 16.0 lbs, 1-3 pounds overweight! It's only a problem becuause she loves to sleep on my face while I rub her belly. Oh, yes, and her health! Her real name is Penelope but she was my little miss (now she is my big miss, LOL) so I call her Missy. She answers to both. Actually she hears two words, FOOD and NO! so she is probably answering to 'Food!,' when I call her name. They sound so much alike! Fortunately she does do 'No!' She is a good girl!
mareivon l. - 2011-03-22
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lauren - 2010-05-17
I have 1 of them and he is so cute he loves to climb the walls and he loves to eat his sisters food.

Jerry - 2010-03-03
As the owner of an Am. Shorthair, I have to say that over my life, they have made a fabulous impression. When I'm not comforted by purrs and warm fur, I'm laughing about her antics, or amused by her 'superiority complex'. I live in a small place, and she's a champion bug hunter - Cockroaches beware!

I love dogs very much, but for my money, its my Am. Shortie who keeps me going day to day!