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   The Severe macaw is one of the "mini" macaws. The baby Severe Macaw pictured above, "Fuzz Button" is one of two very sweet, friendly baby birds!
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Ava. - 2016-04-28
My mom was planning on getting me a Severe for good grades in school, and I've always wanted a Macaw. The only problem is we don't know how loud they are, and we already have two amazons. Is anyone able to compare the noise level between a Severe Macaw and a Mexican Red headed Amazon?

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  • Clara - 2017-12-13
    Our severe macaw, a 15 year old rescue is adorable, but so loud that our neighbors across the street can hear him even when our windows are closed. They yell mainly in the morning and in the evening, at sunset. It is sometimes overwhelming to put up with his yelling.
  • Nancy - 2017-12-26
    hi i also have a Severe , they are very loud . And they want alot of attention. And they are one person bird. My advice to you is to get a quaker parot . Even tho its smaller the best talker of them and the cheapest. I also have a hanns mcaw . Go with the quaker best for interaction.
Issa Abuzer - 2017-06-01
Hey, I had dealt with African gray parrot it was boring for me it just repeating words, and yesterday I had my first Severe Macaw; he is name is Jacko,very nice and smart, he is well trained,eating from my hand and stand on my shoulder and I can touch his head, however Sometimes he accepted me to touch his head and sometimes tried to bite me,,I don't know why, and this is my problem with him in the time being... anyone can advise me what to do in order to prevent him from such behavior, thanks all in advance

John E - 2017-04-20
I have a severe macaw.hit his bexk in the floor to hard but think his bexk is splintering Not sure if he

Bird McIver - 2015-08-19
Severes are not for everyboduy- it took me four days with gloves on to even get mine to tolerate me! he was given to me, she is an older bird, and it is amazing, the words she knows, and the fact that we can converse. They really do know what they are saying... Now we are besties, and I would really like to find a friend for her.

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  • susan - 2015-09-19
    Hello.I have a severe macaw named Dillinger that i have had for 23 years since he was a baby.I say he because i am not sure if it is a boy or girl.Dillinger is super smart and has a pretty extensive vocabulary.Dillinger loves all different types of foods and i only feed him what is nutritional.I have been thinking about selling Dillinger as i do not have that much time to spend with him as i would like to and i know he gets bored and lonely at times.I am not sure if he would enjoy another birds company but he might be very happy with company of another bird.I would like 3000.00 cash for him if i was to part with him.I also would like to be able to check in on him to say hello sometimes if that would be acceptable. If you are interested locate me at
  • diane - 2017-01-26
    Not a good idea to get your bird a friend, because she could bond with the other bird and not want much to do with you.
Marilyn Niles - 2015-04-16
I want to get rid of my 4 year old severe mccaw. I have tried everything to bond with her, but I always end up with severe bites. I know she knows I am afraid of her, so is there any help? Attached to mean and cruel bird,

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  • Clarice Brough - 2015-04-16
    It sounds like you need to train yourself to be the alpha in the relationship, which is not always easy when you simply love an animal. But your bird needs a routine it can count on. and needs to know that you will stand by what you expect. There are a lot of good training tips and advice on the internet. I suggest you research and read, then come up with some that you can work with. An example: if you don't want to be bit you just can't tolerate that behavior, maybe biting may mean play time out of the cage and interactions come to an ends for a time... and then try again. Again, there are many methods to use to train you bird... find some you can work with... and be consistent.
  • Rhonda - 2016-11-26
    If you still want to get rid of your bird please let me know. Would be interested in it. Have 2 macaws now and 1 of them was a big time bitter but now i've got her to give me kisses and i can hug her and scratch her head. Although when she gets excited i have to watch her.
Marie - 2016-06-26
Amazons make way more noise than a Chestnut Fronted Macaw. The little macaw vocalizes to greet the Sun in the morning and then to say good night to the Sun at sunset. Put it in a sleeping cage at night in a dark room so he can get 12 hours sleep. Very important to have a happy macaw. Watch Barbara Heidenreich's videos on training your bird on youtube.

Atalanta Starnight - 2015-11-28
I was brought a Severe Macaw from a rescue by a family member.  I had always wanted a macaw.  He took right away to my younger son.  It took me a while to get him to come to me.  Being patient, feeding him, letting him out on the cage, talking to him, bringing him toys, sharing food with him.  Do whatever it takes for him to know that you love him.  Now he hangs out with me, drives in the car, goes to the park and loves to hide inside my flannel bird shirt.  I adore him.  He is very cute and I love his compact size.  His beautiful soft white face is very kissable.  He is talky, clowny, curious, loves to sing, go on outings, running errands, go to pow wows.  He was plucking when we got him so I got him a birdie hoodie to shield him from his plucking.  You can also make one out of a sock and put on him.   A 'Flight Suit' makes him more portable as the 'Flight Suit' catches the droppings and protects his chest from plucking. He does require a lot of attention to keep him healthy and happy. I've found keeping him well socialized by sharing him with other family members or a local sanctuary keeps him balanced.   

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  • Atalanta Starnight - 2015-11-28
    Oh and he does understand what you are talking about and responds appropriately.  He makes sentences.  He is super intelligent.
Ann M Kerr - 2015-08-23
My Severe Macaw is TIKI. He is affectionate to only me. I can cuddle with him, roll him over, spread his wings for inspection...a play thing. The Question I have is that he will only eat large black striped sunflower seed, peanuts in shell, pizza, any kind of cheese and of course anything sweet. Is this normal for this type of parrot. My previous parrot was a conure and he did the same thing even though I offered the fancy birdseeds that come in plastic bags and are expensive. He will nibble on mixed vegetables especially corn and peas. He also drinks from a cup if it is a fruit drink. He lives with a dog and cats and all is well. He is a squadker at times,but if you pick him up he stops. Does all this sound normal for him?

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  • Clarice Brough - 2015-08-24
    He sounds like he is a happy fellow, but I would think about what he is eating for good health and longevity.  Parrots can get picky, but this article on parrot diet will give you some good info.
Tilly - 2014-11-18
When I was young I had a bird named blue and I loved him but he was crazy one time we opened the cage to let him come out and he flew into a wall and fell behind my couch so we had to get him out , then he did that another time but this time he flew onto the top of my window and we could not get him down and he was scared to death of coming down but sooner or later we got him down and after that my mom decided to give him away then a few months later we found out he died because he accedentally flew into a stove that was on.

Anita - 2010-03-10
My husband and I adopted a 4 year old Severe from a pet store 1 1/2 years ago. We were told it's a girl but she says,"Hi Bubba" all the time. We renamed her Bella and she can talk very well but she refuses to say Bella. I initially thought we made a big mistake and never in a million years did I think we would own a Macaw. She would run to the back of the cage away from me and wanted nothing to do with us. She was very nippy and un- predictable. She is now the love of my life and the sunshine of my day. We also have an African Cape that I adore and raised from age 4 months but the personality and affection of a Severe tops it all. She went from running scared to never leaving me alone. She will march through the house looking for us with her sister (our Cape named Gabby) behind her. I can now wrap my arm around her to hug and kiss her and she loves it and just melts. She throws herself on her back while laying in my arms to play. It took about 9 months to gain her trust by taking it a step at a time and now she loves all of us. We were told she was raised by a male so she favored my husband at first but now she loves my daughter and I'm her favorite. Love and time made our Bella the love of my life and our lives.

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  • Erika - 2014-10-11
    Can you tell me some of the things to help her turn around and gain our trust. Mine prefers men and will talk when men are around, but i am the only one who handles her. She will eventuslly come out of thr cage sometimes after coaxing her for a long time with treats. What else I can do? Once she gets out she loves going out to the pond and walking around the yard with me holding her. Every time is like starting over.