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   The Peach-faced Lovebird is a beautiful 'pocket parrot'. They come in a variety of colors and are the most commonly kept lovebirds!
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Courtney - 2019-04-11
Hi my name is Courtney do you have any female love bird Blue rosy faced female bird

Roberta - 2019-01-31
I have a baby love bird who doesnt want to wean from handfeeding?? Is something wrong??

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  • Anonymous - 2019-04-11
    No please I want one
George Gilbert - 2017-06-02
I have had my peach face love bird just over 3 years.He lets me stay with him.i am looking for a femail as close to home (Central lake mi.)as possible.

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  • LaBrenda Henry - 2018-01-27
    My male Masked/Blue w/ flesh beak and Female is a mixed Peach-Faced/Masked (not solid)Green w/ red beak. These two have had three clutches and sitting on five eggs now. First clutch was one like dad, second had 5 two like mom and three like dad. There last clutch was 3 not like mom or dad, they are Peach face-Yellow back-light green under belly. They are very colorful. Kept first born and first born of the yellows. Would give away to you one of the clutch they have now if you are interested? The age should not be a problem, but have to be careful on sexing them at a young age. The par I thought I got to Female, but his pelvic bone was broken. You want a Female that should be easy to get you! Call (831)261-8056 and we can talk. LaBrenda Henry
  • Michele Faiman - 2018-01-28
    My female has past yesterday, and my male is deeply saddened, do u think it would be wise to pair him up again, he is 7yrs. She was a yellow and he is a green peach face
Mooslim Joomun - 2017-06-07
HI. I would like to know how to cut the wings of my Peach- faced Lovebird which I just bought.Thanks.

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  • LaBrenda Henry - 2018-01-27
    Trim my Love Birds for training. Not so they can not fly, just so they don't fly high where I can not reach them. From the long tip of the wing, count 5 feathers toward the body. Trim strait across from the 5th feather out to the longest heather. It is good to have a container of KWIK STOP Styptic Power. Good for nail trim and feather trim. Never know when an accident happens!
Joyce Cross - 2017-07-02
Help, I have no bird the area I live. I have a fifteen year old old yellow peach face that seems to be having siezers. I want to do what's right for him. He is eating and drinking good, however when he wants to play or gets excited he falls limp and twitches. What can I do, please.

Donna Robinson - 2017-05-27
My male peach faced love bird sleeps up on my curtain rod at night and now my yellow peach face felmae is going up with him is it all right for them not to sleep in there cage

Debbie Shook - 2008-09-28
I have a female peachfaced lovebird as well as a male peachfaced lovebird. My female birds feathers are turning all red on her wings, thighs, and underbelly. I have never seen this before, so I went down to our local pet store and asked the owner why that was happening. She had no idea and also never heard of that happening before. Nothing has changed, same diet, same exercise, I'm just confusing, the male birds feathers are the color that they are suppose to be. She is about 6 years old, she use to lay eggs (unfertilized), but she hasn't for a long long time now. I would greatly appreciate it someone could help me out with some answers. Hope to hear from you real soon!! Sincerely, Debbie Shook

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  • Evelyn - 2016-06-10
    My lovebird has the same problem weird red feathers everywhere did you find out the cause?
Barb - 2012-11-11
I have a peach-faced lovebird that is over 20 years old. He's doing pretty well for an old guy -- he can't fly anymore but still like to be held and snuggled. Just wanted to share that lovebirds can indeed live to be over 20.

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  • Donna - 2013-11-20
    This post is a couple of years after yours, and hope your lovebird is doing well for an old guy. I too have one around 17, and noticed that he is not flying quite as strong as the old days. May be his age as well! We have him checked regularly as well. Gave me comfort in your email. Thank you!
  • Anne - 2014-10-11
    I have a 19 year old peach face...CHICHEN. He loves attention & seems quite content to sleep most of the time. He loves sleeping on me. No longer I take him along with me as often as I can.
  • Dawn - 2016-02-29
    Hi Peachface Lovebird Lovers. I have had my 'Danny' for 17 yrs. and he loved to be held and petted and loved to ing to all music! He even sat on my hubby shoulder while he plays guitar! My birdie fell off his swing last week and then again a few days ago but he was ok. This morning he made a horrible cry for help, I ran from the back of the house to his cage to find him taking his last breath. I've been holding him for about an hour and he is now stiffened up. I like bed my bird so much. I guess I need to bury him. So sad.
Chris Stuart - 2015-12-01
My wife and me have had a yellow and green peach face and a green peach face for almost ten years now. Over the past three or four days the yellow one has been acting strange insofar as acting wrestles or perhaps scared. He is not eating and we are wondering whether he is blind or has some kind of disease. Does someone out there know what the problem could be and perhaps what to do for harry?

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  • Rachel - 2015-12-12
    The symptoms are very vague. I hope you took him to the vet! Are you sure Harry is a 'he'? Eggs binding (geting stuck inside the body) is a common issue with captive parrots. When birds are sick they tend to hide their symptoms rather than seek help so seeming scared could a be a sign of a bacterail infection or just about any disease.
andy - 2015-11-26
my pair of peachface (lovebirds) recently had one chick and something is wrong with its legs they wont bend at the knees and stick out to the side as thought its been squashed it cant walk and often flips onto its back