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A perennial favorite in the aquarium hobby, the Port Acara is a wonderful first step into keeping cichilds!
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Nigel Matthewman - 2015-06-19
mu breeding pair of port acaras have spawned again, however, as the previous 3 times the eggs have gone white within 24 hours, infertile? They spawned on a flat slate in the open, ph 7.2, water hard. Any ideas?

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  • Dave - 2015-06-20
    Any signs of fungus or bacterial enfection? A lot of breeders will put a dose of methylene blue or other fungucide as a matter of course.
Austin Jouppe - 2014-01-18
I love my Acara he is about 4 inches now very nice fish I keep him with a smaller blue johanni and he teaches him too stay on his side but does it nicely he likes too sit in the top level of my landscape pushes his fins out very cool fish I think he would be fine for some one who likes gouramis or angels IMO awesome friendly Cichlid for tropical lovers ;)