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The Lemon Tetra has a dynamic accent--a bright bold splash of yellow on its lower fin!
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Connor - 2014-10-15
We have 6 lemon tetras and they are gorgeous fish and they get on with my neon tetras, guppies and my cherry barbs and my lemon tetras are eating well and they all like to swim together. They are peaceful fish and I am planning to get some more because I love them so much. So I recommend you get these fish.

mike - 2012-03-24
I have 5 of these lemon tetras in a community tank.with a roseline shark and 3 germanram cichlids. The tetras are fun to watch and constantly hang out with a female German ram. Planning to buy 3 or 4 more lemon tetras

Anonymous - 2004-10-07
I Love these fish they have a good personality, like when my Bala gets scared and swims into the "Cave" he looks at them and looks at you like "I Can take you on, come on!" and stares at you. Good Fish

Louie miller - 2005-12-30
these were my first fish and I love them, they are relaxing to watch and their color is always incredible, I started with 6 and lost 2 in the last 2 years, I just purchased 9 more when i went from a 10g tank to a 50g tank , They look awesome schooling together

zeid al-kilani - 2004-10-06
nice fishes. i love them when they all swim together, an irresistable view. i had three and they are still carrying on, but i think im going to buy alot more. i think 10 or 15 is pretty good on a tank with other fishes like black tetras, guppies, and mollies

anon - 2003-09-08
i have a shoal of six lemon tetras in a 120 litre tank with beacons angelfish and corydoras. they seem to eat everything (even snails) though they prefer frozen brine shrimp.

Peregrine - 2003-08-19
This beautiful fish is hardy and very peaceful.
I have kept even a small school of only two before and they
lived for quite a long time. Always out to show
off their pretty "lemon" color rather than hiding
as some other aqaurium fishes. Overall lovely fish
that is happy to live with other tank mates such
as platies, guppies and most other peaceful aquarium
fish.Lemon tetras will school tightly and they will appreciate a black background and
dark gravel. And as always, peaceful tankmates.
Best to be kept in schools of around 6 or more.