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merrilee edison - 2020-01-21
have bunches of this great plant. grows prolifically not for sale in ohio pet stores,
as it is considered an invasive species let me know if you want/need some

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  • Di - 2020-11-11
    hello, i can not find the date of this article/offer, so am unsure if it is still valid. how much will you want for a clump? i am interested.
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Anna Anderson - 2018-06-20
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Conrad Menezes - 2011-09-04
The Madagascar Lace plant is a very nice plant.
I wonder if you could ship one bulb/plant to me in Qatar (arabian gulf).
If this is possible then I will give you my credit card number to expedite shipping.

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  • Clarice Brough - 2011-09-04
    Check out our Pet Supply, This merchant has one in stock...
  • E.SNYDER - 2013-09-01
    Yea look around first bro. You don't ever want to give out your card number online ever!

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