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   Here is a raccoon up past his bedtime! This younster couldn't keep still, climbed all over everybody and was constantly "checking things out"!
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Anonymous - 2017-03-17
I had a pet raccoon for almost a year now. He dug a whole under the sink and got outside. He never showed any interest in the outside. He has been gone a week now and we have been looking for him all over. He was a part of our family. He lived with 3 dogs and a cat. One dog is very upset, as are we. He was a little chubby and we had to help him cLimb onto the sofa. He slept 8n bed under the blanket with us and every night he slept with his stuffed bear and monkey. I k ow it is breeding season and he was becoming interested , since he was getting a little fresh with his stuffed spiderman. He had an appointment last wednesday to be neutered, but he left frifay morning. I have been crying since he left. He had all of his shots and flea treatment. We raised him since day one when his mother was killed. will he come home? I am so worried because he was fat and spoiled. He had full run of the house always.

Annalia - 2016-06-14
My baby raccoon is sick! He is 6-7 weeks old and stopped eating the other day after throwing up. He got better yesterday and ate like normal. However, today he is sick again... He is not eating and throwing up again as well as being weak and a bit skinny from being sick the other day. I am giving him pedialyte (or however you spell it) and have started him on Panacur in case it is the parasite like a vet told me it could be. He hasn't thrown it up and maybe this will help him, but I would love it if anyone has advice or has been through this before. Also, he does not have any symptoms besides the lack of appetite, sleeping more, throwing up, and faster than normal breathing. I believe he has a fever but am not certain. He does not have diarrhea by the way. Thank you.

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  • Lynne - 2017-01-01
    Did he survive?
Jeana - 2016-10-30
I have 2 racoons,brother and sister,prob 8 months old,if they have been raised by me,would they make it in the wild?if you can pm on my fb jeanaramey,with answers

Safari Raighn - 2016-08-08
I have found my first baby raccoon .his name is Koon Baby YhaYha. I feed him every three hours .he has his eyes open and he is the most amazing baby I have or ever can have. He goes every where I go .i carry him in my mommie pouch purse.I take a warm shower I bring him along he loves the water...this baby isn't just a raccoon he is my own baby..I am in love with my baby boy..I love the way he wraps his little hand around my finger when I feed him...he has a very loud purr sound that he does when he's happy ..I have enjoyed being his mommie .I know the time isn't to far away that I will have to release him back into the wild so I made him. A promise that I will love and cherish him and spend as much time with him as possiable.and I have kept my promise to him ... I know he will be a little prowler and I know he will be into every thing he can open so I have already raccoon proof my home. I have made him his own little flower bed with a fish bowl trees sand rocks the works so he will do what the raccoon's do in the wild . In a couple weeks he will begin his rabie shots...I am excited about him being a coon mommie .I read some where that the cage or i should say the raccoon prison to keep the raccoon safe well i don't own a cage.nor will my son ever be in a cage I don't have the right to put him in a cage and take his freedom by doing so .if people are worried about saftey for them self then they don't need to have them.I told yall earlier I coon proof my home and my home is my son's home he sleeps with me he bites me and older he gets the harder the bite will be so I am getting the fire proof gloves that nothing can penatrate including his teeth..I am so blessed and I'm so thankful for my baby boy..I hope if any body takes the time and reads this I hope u spoil ur baby and prepaid ur house and don't put ur baby in a cage please..

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  • katie nightstocker - 2016-10-16

    I got full roam of the house I don't get in too much only time I ever get anything my when my keeper is home I will sit down and snuggle and give kisses
    PI don't climb on the cupboards I really didn't do anything that I'm not suppose to I get up set when I'm eating and u mess with me I don't growl or bite cause if I do it gets takin from me I I do so at n
    most I'll just go some where else to eat or just keep eating and not get upset
Gillian Waters - 2016-09-09
My husband and I live in the Uk and have 2 pet raccoons who are 2/1/2 years old. They are very tame, get into mischief a lot but are very lazy too. They live in an enclosure indoors but also run around the house and garden on a daily basis as long as we are with them. They are very fussy eaters and wont try anything new, They like to stick to a regimented diet of chicken, nuts, advocado, eggs and frozen veg, they wont eat fruit or greens. They have a large outdoor enclosure but they are not that keen in being in it although they have lots of climbing experience, pool and toys in there. We love them so much, they have enhanced our life.

Danna - 2012-09-09
If anyone needs a home for a raccoon i would love to offer a home. We have raised them before. We live on 3 acres in eastern nc on the water. I have rehabbed deer, squirrel and raccoons. Email or text 9102645900

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  • ABW - 2012-09-18
    I have a friend with a young female raccoon that she saved. It's beautiful and has been given the utmost of respect in quality care. If interested, please email me and I will pass along your info to her.
  • michelle - 2015-11-04
    6m old female, sweet and playful. Needs home help
  • Sara Melsha - 2016-06-01
    Hi I have recently rescued 4 baby coins after our friend shot their mother not know she had babies. They raise fox but I am interested in talking to you about domestacating them and was wondering if I could ask you some questions. There is one that is super nice last night it slept in my NECK for hours even though its a male and not the runt or the female it's super nice and would like to keep it as a pet and my boyfriend wants to at least keep the female. One also hurt his foot and walked on it wrong but it now looks better. Just wanting to talk get some advice and tips and tricks. Thank you email me if you are willing to talk.
  • Sandy - 2016-07-30
    Wish you lived closer. A baby coon approximatly 6 to 7 weeks old showed up and approached us. Climbed right up my husbands leg. We watched to see if we seen other coons around throughout the day. The little guy did not want to leave us. Tonight he is in my garage to keep him safe. I fed him kmr kitten replacement formula. Hoping to sit outside tomorrow to watvh him run around a bit and try to decide what we should do. He is a sweet little guy.
jessi mae - 2016-06-28
well i have a baby raccoon he s blind in one eye because the people i got him from hit him in the head with a brick and messed his eye up. i dont know how to get him tammed i give him food and water but when i try to play with him he trys to bite me. my first raccoon was already tammed when i got her that was when i was a little girl i dont have her anymore and this one im trying to figure out how to tame him. im only 21 so i dont know and i dont want to let him go because raccoons are my favorite animal. any advise would help

SunChaserWildlife - 2010-01-17
The debate on whether to have a pet raccoon has been surpassed by the need of your voice for all urban wildlife. State Wildlife agencies are responsible for the welfare of ALL wildlife, not just the animals selling hunting tags. Wildlife is owned by the citizens and is to be managed by the state agency under the terms of a Public Trust Doctrine.

Yet, over-stated risks and lack of proper education and reporting is leading our society to malign intelligent, beneficial urban animals such as skunks, raccoons, foxes...There is NO perspective anymore! Always use caution with wild animals, but do not act in fear. Research the animals that live in your backyards and learn the truths.

And please, speak up for these animals and defend their rights to not be banned from rescue and rehab. States like NC order all these animals be killed, denying qualified rehabilitators (citizens who own the wildlife equally) the right to rescue & rehab them. Such state killing programs are becoming the "norm" because the public does not speak up against this.

Rabies testing is a billion dollar business - millions of healthy animals are killed and their heads sent to labs for testing. Oral rabies vaccine baits can eradicate this disease - but people have to care enough to demand it be done by their local and state gov't.

Raccoons intelligence has been proven second only to higher monkeys. Raccoons kill venomous snakes, and as with skunks are the best mousers you can find!

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  • David Darkstone - 2016-06-03
    Part of the problem is people who have pet raccoons telling people that they don't make good pets, what is that all about? Is it egotistical nonsense where these people want to feel like they are unique and have special animal bonding abilities? Those people need to stop saying things like that because the public gets an idea in their head and that's it. These animals are intelligent creatures and make great pets and the whole thing about destroying things and getting into things is the case with any animal such as dogs or cats just look at all the Youtube videos about them tearing up things so why demonize these little guys its just wrong but these are the people that can tell others and instead choose their egoes over the animals reputation and until the raccoon owners stop saying they don't make good pets this injustice will not stop.
penny strong - 2012-07-03
I have a baby raccoon that was found alone under a car 6 weeks ago. She is about 7 weeks old..She lives in our house but with many dogs that think she is like a squeek toy.. I do not have a safe place to release her and we do love her sooo much.. She is however very lonely as my time is divided in so many ways.. Does anyone have a great place were she can be homed forever or a soft release.. We need help soon... Thanks Penny

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  • Anonymous - 2012-07-03
    Also about this baby (Scarlett) She lives only in our home and is so sweet. My worry about setting her back to the wild is that she does not know she is a raccoon. She does still drink from her bottle but only because she loves it. She also eats most anything we offer... I am willing to travel to get her to a home were someone understands and loves her. It is agaist the law her to own one so I worry about this as much as my careful eye with our dogs who on the most part are good with her. I just dont trust them 100%.. Please please can any one home her. My phone is 802-888-2662 Penny
  • Garcia Alina - 2013-03-16
    if you wher located in tampa i could take her i hope you find an apropriate place
  • renee - 2015-06-03
    Where do you live my number is 706-507-9696 call me will see if I can help
  • Nathan patterson - 2016-05-24
    My name is nathan and I've been looking to give a raccoon a home for months now I do know what I'm getting into I've done my research and I'd love to give your raccoon a home please call me asap 8645461381
Anonymous - 2015-01-20
I raised a baby raccoon in July of 2011 that my parents had found in their back yard. I`m guessing he was about 4 weeks old at the time and I had no intention of keeping him. I found a woman who runs a habitat for racoons and 2 days later on my way over to her place to drop off the little guy I realized I had fallen in love. The woman at the habitat could see me tearing up when I handed him to her and asked me if I would like to try and raise him myself. I quickly said 'YES'. She gave a pet crate and told me how to raise him and if there were any problems I could always call her. We named him Ricky and he quickly became a member of the family. Ricky would sleep with me at night in bed and became very attached to everyone in the family especially our dogs. Ricky had the run of the house spending many evenings with the family on the couch watching TV. When Ricky was about 14 months old the family went on a cruise for a week and while we were gone the woman at the habitat baby sat for us. When we brought Ricky home after 8 days he was a different raccoon. Something in him had changed and he was not our sweet little boy anymore. He had become aggressive and did not like our dogs anymore. After a couple of weeks we had no choice but to turn him over to the habitat. It broke my heart. I read somewhere that mother raccoons abandon their kits when they reach maturity and maybe Ricky thought he had been abandoned. About 2 weeks later the woman from the habitat called and said that Ricky was ready for release and would we like to come and see him. When the family walked in the room Rick was in his cage and ran to the door. When I opened the door he jumped in my arms and started licking me. He climbed on my shoulders and began licking my ears. After a sad goodby we left and Ricky was released the next morning. He was greatly missed and there felt like a family member was gone. But in May of 2014 we were blessed with 2 new arrivals, Max and Oscar, 2 little brothers even younger than Ricky was when we found him. The new boys were probably about 3 weeks old, eyes had just opened and they had no teeth. Their mother had been shot by a neighbor and they were found in their attic 2 days later. Oscar and Max were bottle fed for about a month then finally on hard food. They quickly became members of the family even with the dogs and for more than 8 months now they are still with us. The family could not love them more but we now that someday soon they will join Ricky at the habitat to become the wild raccoons that God intended them to be. So here is to the next generation of orophined raccoons that need a helping hand.

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  • Jess - 2015-05-21
    This woman who helped rehab ricky seems very kind, I have two orphans in my possession now that I am looking to place with a rehabilitator, where was this woman? (email:
  • Jen - 2015-09-23
    Could you please let me know as well? I am stuck with what to do.
  • Anonymous - 2015-10-28
    I have 3 racoons that I am raising and I know they will want to go wild at some point. They are six months old and I need to find a good safe place for them. Thinking of a racoon refuge, or the lady you were talking about. I don't have a email, can you text me any information? Thank you 206-321-5227