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   Here is a raccoon up past his bedtime! This younster couldn't keep still, climbed all over everybody and was constantly "checking things out"!
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victoria - 2009-06-15
Hello I am a horse and dog rescuer and found myself with a 2 month old raccoon that now lives in the house with my 2 children, 2 dogs my husband and myself. He is very curious and it took some getting use to the sounds. I have him in a large dog kennel at night since he goes into our cupboards and takes things out to play with. I had him on homo milk which seemed to satisfy him plus started him on vitamins. He is now just starting to test out new foods. They are a handful and he comes everywhere with me since he needs to be fed every 5 hours or whenever he makes enough noise. He didn't like the dogs much at first, but small 2 min. introductions every couple hours and having the smell on us helped, he now runs around and plays with our collie. He follows us but like I said he is very curious and is somewhat a lot of trouble for a horse rescuer like myself. But we hope that we can release him once he is old enough or when he decides he is ready...

kailey - 2009-05-25
As a wildlife rehabilitator who has raised and released baby raccoons I must advise you on a few things. I don't know what state you are in but what you are doing is well intentioned but probably illegal as you need a license. I reccommend you contact a wildlife rehabiltator in your state immediately as nutrition is extremely important as well as raising them WILD! They stay with their mothers for up to a year sometimes so they are not a quick raise and release animal. Raising them incorrectly could mean them not being wild and not knowing how to survive on their own!!! The other concern is that raccoons carry many worms and zoonotic diseases (transmittable to people). Please please I sincerely urge you to leave it to the pros and love them enough to give them to a rehaber that knows what they are doing! Thank you on their behalf for caring!

Laura - 2009-05-17
Hello out there a couple of days ago my father in law was moving some hay for his horses and in the big bales of hay were 3, 5-10 day old raccoons. We left them alone for a day or so and still no mom. We (my husband and I)decided to bring them home to our house and take care of them. As of 3 days now they are doing GREAT!!! They are eating kitten replacement milk with a touch of syrup. They seem to eat this with syrup better than just milk. Some extra info on how to raise them would be great.
We plan on releasing them back into the wild ASAP. We live on 4 wooded acres, and have adult raccoons eat on our back porch everynight.

mary wille - 2009-05-13
Hello out there, it's been a while. As spring is here, yepeeeeee, I am hearing of more and more baby raccoons being discovered. I learn something new every day, there is this stuff that will stop dehydration in its tracks. They give it to kitten, pups, horses, dogs, deer, practically anything with four legs. It is cheap and it works. I even think you can buy it on line. It's an oral nutritional supplement, it's called lixotinic. Very little goes a long way and it works wonderfully for dehydration. It will shock you how quick it works. Good luck to all who are willing to help save an orphan baby coon, or adult one too. Like sunchaser says, you may not save the world for all the animals, but you will make a world of difference to the ones you choose to help, or something like that. I think u all know what I am trying to say. Oh and one other thing, if you r thinking of moving to the terrible state of colorado and your a raccoon or any other animal lover for that matter, don't. They r terrible over there for helping save animals from death. As a matter of fact they prefer death to animals, or nicely put euthanasha[sp],to anyone who chooses to help a creature. And if that creature can not be returned safely to the wild, no matter how well u take care of them or how big u make there encloser they will get a search warrant and take your beloved friend and have them killed. Perfectly healthy or not, they will not allow you to ask professionally if you get the proper permits so you can keep them, cause there r none. Proper permits, they don't exsist in CO. They r using the archiac fear tactic of the big R word, even though there has never, I repeat never, been a truthful case of one raccoon ever biting a human and contracting the big r, let alone a raccoon biting a human who wasn't trying to kill them or her babies/ See colorado is owned and operated by big game farms and sportsmen. That is who owns theirewildlife department. If u look at their names the owner of coors is in this bunch. Well one very strong women tried to change the certian death sentence basically to allow someone to obtain permits under all kind of valid restriction. She did it very professionally and had a lot of data, a lot of research, and a lot of hard work, and these big wigs gave her 3 minutes. Never intending to even consider changing the unreasonable death laws for raccoons. They will take the money and the tax write off for their game farms and their hunting licenses over there, but god forbid if someone simply wants to love and help an orphaned critter. That they will kill, sooooo stay out of colorado if u love animals/, they will kill them. mary

J.Miller - 2009-04-14
~ Hello, I've recently come across a Baby Raccoon; I have assisted* in raising one before (many yrs ago) & am very Happy to be doing it again. She was about a wk. or so old? when I got her. Her Eyes were not opened yet. I have been feeding her Kitten Baby formula with an eye dropper. She's doing well with this & sleeping in a small box with towels for warmth until she gets a bit older. I hold her close to me for feedings & to let her feel my heartbeat & scent. SHe sems to like playing & nesting in my hair, crawling all over me esp. around my neck. She also likes to suck on my fingers.(LOL) The one we raised before loved to suck my thumb. She would tap your leg/chking for pants & climb up to my shouder then tap my shoulder chattering~ letting me know she wanted my thumb, then would go to sleep with my thumb in her mouth. I just hope that my new Baby will be as Healthy & friendly as that one was. I love animals & do what I can do help them & keep them safe & Healthy. I also have a Cockatiel. My hubby has A Parrot & we have 2 Chiauhau mixes,(one of them belongs to my eldoest son). My daughter has a Blk velvet Dwarf bunny, one son had a King Snake (Recently deceased). So we have a literal Zoo in our home & 4 children. We stay pretty busy & are very loving with our *Extended Family of Pets*.

Steven Coble - 2009-04-02
Mark here -

Thought I would share my loss with everyone as I am still devastated over it. Destiny would have been a year old today. She was an orphan at around three or four days I guess. She still had a dried umbilical cord. The mom died trying to get back to her den under the house of apparent animal wounds. She was the only one I was able to save, hence her name, Destiny.

Her first month on earth was touch and go as she soon developed a urinary tract infection. She responded almost miraculously to the series of three penicylin shots a day apart and grew like a weed after that. I've never been loved as much as she loved me.

I remember a feeding just after her eyes had opened. Following a warm bath and a dryer, I placed her back in her warmed little box, where I had given her a wind up tick tock clock and a little red and white snoopy dog. As I placed her in her box, she immediately went over to her clock and gave it a touching hug, and then to her snoopy doll for a lot more of the same, and then off to bed and just as quickly to sleep. It was almost eerie it was so touching.

I was mommy ok in every sense, complete with that extra sense of concern and alarm that only a mother can share when her baby is in danger. Like the time she followed my unaware son into the tool shed. I was in the kitchen when I sensed something was wrong. When I found her she had crawled up a bench to a window with a broken pane and was stranded straddled between two jagged pieces. Had she moved another inch she would have cut herself to ribbons. She had made NO noise of any kind but was definitely afraid and waited patiently until I found her and extricated her. And she would often know just what I was thinking as well.

She learned everything I taught her and excelled in social skills ........ and then learned on her own .......... how to defeat the child proof mechanism on a bic lighter ....... and then light it.

She woke me every morning with a kiss. Came to give me a hug and a kiss every night before bedtime. And was apt to attack at any other time for a little - "just thought I'd tell you how much I really love you sugars". She was playful and loving to the nth degree but never destructive in the least. To this day we can't remember her ever destroying a thing. She had her toys and most were not bought.

She watched cartoons with me every night as we shared a mutually favorite snack cashews. We showered together, cooked (taste tested) and cleaned (pun) house together (not the vacuum!!).

She was very concerned about my back pain and would fret, and often bring me one or two of her favorite bright red soda bottle caps. Of course who wouldn't feel better after such touching concern. When she came in season she was no trouble for me in the least. The same was not true , however, for my roommate ....... her betrothed. When he wouldn't cooperate with "mother nature" she became upset and moved back in with "her mother", me. She was so upset with him she would not allow him to so much as raise his voice in anger or dis-pleasure at me, and would stand between us to make sure!! Of course she loved us both ....... but you "do NOT mess with my mamma" specially when I'm on the rag!!

When either one of us would leave for work she worried the whole time. Upon returning, it was time for celebration !! The biggest celebration was the trip home from the grocery store "with ALL those goodies and presents ALL just for her !! And she got to go thru the sacks to find the best goodies. (usually bought just for her to find)

In Texas it is against the law to posess a raccoon. And against the law for a vet to treat them. They have to report you to the authorities or it's their license. Of course the State of Texas will assist you in killing as many as you like. Destiny died recently from a very bad flu she caught from me. I couldn't get her to a vet, and my skills were inadeguate to save her. Something is dreadfully wrong with this picture.

I lost a son to a drunk driver 21 years ago and this loss is just about as emotional.
These animals are among the top 5 intelligent animals on earth, in which humans are at the top of the group. Losing her was much more like losing a daughter than some pet. I've had every kind of animal there is. I was raised on a farm. But nothing prepared me for this. And to think, I was a criminal for saving her life to begin with.

Destiny had one brief year on this planet. It was, however, a year full of love and happiness, security and comfort. I can only hope I see her again, as I believe I will if I'm lucky enough to make it to the same gate.

Bobby - 2009-03-19
Raccoons eat everything,
they even ate my trash: a blue plastic cup, a nacho plater, and a chicken leg bone!

mary/thnxs sunchaser - 2009-03-06
"The greatness of a nation can be seen, by how the treat their animals"... "GANDHI"

Mary - 2009-03-02
I just wanted to take the time to post about a wonderful family of humans I met this weekend. They had found a family of babies, mother gone, abandoned babies for whatever reason. Well the whole family tried to save these little guys, one son bottle feeding, all taking turns. Now all us raccoon companions know what a handful these guys can be, thats a lot. Well 2 babies died, and the 3rd lived for 1 and 1/2 years. This family went driving to basically the end of there state to try and help this little girl with getting the medicine that might help. And had to call and drive to the ends of the earth to get some. No one told these people they had to do this, they wanted to. No one told these people to keep trying to save this little girl, no matter the cost. They just did it with little regard for themselves. I wish there were more people out there like carmela's family. Everytime I see a trapper, a skinner, a fur trader or someone putting poison out for this kind creature, I will think of this family. And hope more people will open there homes, there lives, and there hearts to help an orphan "critter" because as we all have learned, I think they teach us more about kindness, compassion and love, more then we have taught them. Thank you to all the carmela's of the world and families like her's, we need more of them. mary

mary wille - 2009-02-28
As spring is coming I received some info I had forgotten, and some I did not know, which when comes to helping these little guys I always try to share. Dehydration in little ones and adults is a problem if they are not eating. Some signs of this can be seen by pinching the skin by the neck, does it snap back right away or not. If not, it should. Sugar water can and will help with this problem along with pedialight[sp]. Now my guys love ensure, despite this lactose thing that's out there, and have loved it for seven years total. But when I learn something I want to share. I have done the sugar water, watch this my guy acted like he drank 50 cups of coffee, so maybe he wasn't as dehydrated as I thought. But whatever works and won't harm them is ok. mary