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   Muntjac Deer, frequently called Barking Deer, are the oldest known deer dating back before pre-historic times.
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Morgan - 2008-10-06
I would love to know where to get a Leaf Muntjac deer.Can anyone help me?

Anonymous - 2008-06-29
These are amazing little pets and i wouldn't trade them for the world!

Aundry - 2008-03-27
I always wanted a deer!
This is my second time visiting and posting at this website. Well, I asked my mom, and she said no because the community we live in does not permite pets rather than birds, dogs, hamsters, cats, and gerbils.
Sucks, doesn't it.
Well, I'm making a website about animals, and I'm going to have a Muntjack page on it, so please visit at, if you would like to see it!
I'm making an animated movie that are about deer and will post it on the website once I'm done with it.
Please comment after checking out my website!

See y'all.

miranda - 2008-03-08
it is so cute

Chelsea - 2008-02-19
They are super adorable. I want one so bad. My grandpa said we might be able to get one over Spring Break. I'm really exited! I just hope I'm not gone to much to get one. I have dance on every Tuesday night, but thats not too bad. I'm just nervous that they are going to expensive. As long as there not over 1,000 we should be Okay!
Now the only worry is if I can find a breeder.

graye - 2008-02-02
How would I supposedly convince my grandma to get one they're so cute!

Page - 2008-01-26
What about weather conditions if they are kept outdoors in Ohio? Will they stay health/comfortable throughout the 3-4 months of freezing cold, or the 3-4 months of hot/high humidity? What about external parisites (fleas and ticks)? Besides soft(washable) bedding, what other kind of bedding should be used on the floor of a small outdoors shed? Besides a salt block, do they also need a mineral block? Besides vegtables and fruits, what kinds of grains are best for them, and how much per individual per day? Do these deer like to play in water (like some others do), or do they hate to get wet even by rains? What is their native habitat like? They are so beautiful and sound so sweet! Please give us more info!

Jeff Oliver - 2008-01-24
Great article, I own several of these guys. While it is true that they can make great pets, they are not for everyone. If you are interested in getting a pet deer, find a reliable breeder who will speak to you in length about their behavior and needs. The breeder should also interview you to see if a deer is the right pet for you. Deer suffer from several stress related aliments that can leave them paralyzed or dead if not cared for properly. A good diet is very important as it should contain vitamin E to help prevent these problems. Ask the breeder about stress myopathy, confinement myopathy, and white muscle disease. Male deer also grow a large fighting tusk which they use to bite each other fiercely during the breeding season, they will also use these canines in the defense of their females. If raised together Muntjac will get along with most other animals, although an un-neutered male can have problems. My adult male has given my Great Dane a couple of really bad bites. The Great Dane is a big puppy who wants to play with everything. Male deer are territorial and can became aggresive to other animals at times. Nueturing a potentioal pet will alleviate all problems assosiated with their aggression. If you are not able to fence them in a wooden privacy fence, you must use something like bird netting to attached to any chain link style fence. Deer bolt when frightened and can run into the fense leading to sever injuries and possibly death.

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  • robert c.bittinger - 2010-03-22
    hello my name robert bittinger pa. I've raised whitetail deer and many other deer since 1982. Right at this time I have whitetails. White ones, piedbald ones for sale. I am licensed and under the usda program. I am not trying to sell deer here. I used to raise munjacks an would like to know were I could find some for sale. I know they can be noisy at night. I've bottle fed dozens of them and sold them. I would like if you could help me find some reasonable.
  • kelly - 2010-04-05
    Where did you get your deer?
  • Hunter - 2010-05-14
    How much are they and where to get them online and shipped by airplane?
harry - 2008-01-16
These fellas are adorable and I would LOVE to own one. I have been trying to find one ever since I first saw them on your site but there seems to be no pet shop selling them anywhere near greece. The forum has no threads referring to them so that I can find one. Further information (not that the site's was little!) or anyone reading this comment knowing anything about pet shops selling muntjack deers, PLEASE add information on where I can get one. I WANT one as bad as our tourists are addicted to tzatziki and souvlaki...:P Please people!

Olivia - 2008-01-06
This is the sweetest, most precious little thing I've ever seen!