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   Muntjac Deer, frequently called Barking Deer, are the oldest known deer dating back before pre-historic times.
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Muntjac <333!! - 2012-05-22
Thank you for your extensive description of your wonderful Muntjac, or as I like to call them, Muntjackies. All people who own Muntjackies know the true meaning of compassion.

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  • Charlie Roche - 2012-05-22
    Ahhh you are welcome
rose85 - 2012-05-31
How old are they?

Valerie - 2012-01-31
Does anyone know where I can purchase a female muntjac deer near California? Thanks!

brian - 2011-12-08
do you know if you can have a muntjac deer in maryland

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  • Charlie Roche - 2011-12-08
    Muntjac deer are primarily house/gaden pets and so you can have anything you want in your home.
Ashley - 2011-11-17
I am looking to buy a leaf muntjac deer in the near future, and am willing to travel where ever to purchase one. Could you please email me your information, and some of your own personal opinions about them and how you would prefer for them to be taken care of (preference in diet, living area, etc.)
my email is

Thank you

Susan Wiley - 2011-09-18
I am have been looking for a leaf muntjac deer for a while now. I want to get one preferably in Indiana but I am willing to travel to Michigan, Ohio, Illinois, or Kentucky as well to get one as long as they are able to help me legally have the animal in Indiana. It doesn't matter to me if it is female or male or what color it is. I have a vet that had looked after them before but couldn't help me to find one. I also live next to a small zoo where the zookeeper is very accessible and willing to answer any questions. If you know of one please e-mail me at Thank you.

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  • Anonymous - 2011-09-19
    Not a specific place but a place to start is just look up muntjac for sale on - People probably don't have babies being bottle fed right now as they are usually born in the early spring. However, you might find some one who knows someone who will have them in the spring.
Rushanna Smith - 2010-12-06
Hello, I am looking for a leaf muntjac breeder in queensland, australia. I've been looking and emailing breeders for quite some time with no success. I really want a female and I believe that this is the pet that suites me best. If anyone knows of any breeders around my area, your help is greatly appreciated! g'day!

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  • Anonymous - 2011-09-17
    Hey but don't you have wallabies there? They are a great pet also. Affectionate, no odor, go in kitty litter just have to be bottlefed. The leaf muntjac/muntjac deer originate from China along the mountain ranges. Unless they have been brought into Australia, you probably don't have them there. You have so many other really wonderous things there -
Casey & Jet - 2011-09-10
Hi! Does anybody know where we could find a breeder near Jacksonville, Fl?

Amy - 2011-09-08
Do you still have some deer? Please email me at

Debbie - 2011-08-16
Please contact me via my email regarding these wondeerful babies. My husband and I have been researching and learning all we can about them and are looking to have one of our very own. My email is: We are looking for a tiny "Leaf" female with the lighter color fur. I appreciate any and all help you can provide to assist us in our search. We are responsible pet owners and do not rush into any decisions as far as bringing a new pet into our home. We are taking our time and are willing to wait for just the right one as it is a lifetime responsibility for the whole family! Excitedly awaiting your reply! Debbie