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  True to its name, the Teddy Guinea Pig looks something like a stuffed animal!
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Emily - 2010-02-14
I got a baby satin teddy bear guinea pig. She is not nearly as social as my american guinea pig, but I love her just the same. She has soft shiny fur and is carmel colored.

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  • Lois - 2010-10-24
    Where did you find her? I am looking for one for a pet for my daughter.
  • annie - 2014-04-18
    I'm getting a teddy and if my parents think I am over responsible I get 2, awesome. My first one's going to be called snickers and for my second Ginny from harry potter.
zakyrah - 2013-10-21
I have an American and a teddy they are the best and the don't die quickly.

zakyrah - 2013-10-21
I have 7 guinea pigs the best is a teddy or American to me and if they do breed they need lots of care and if you have an abyssinan they can die quickly because my friend had one.

Lucy - 2012-06-14
I had a rossette, and after like 8 years he died so I got an American short hair, but she died like a month later and now I want a teddy or silkie or maybe another rossette.

Lucy Lemon - 2012-06-20
I've got a teddy called Pepper! She is by far the tamer of my piggies!

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  • destiny - 2012-09-06
    that is so cute its so fluffyyyyyyyyyy
nathalie - 2011-10-02

Some very nice teddy's us-teddys you have.
And how nice that I have found as a Dutchman.
Maybe we can in the near future that help each other. I breed because with us-teddys.
Take a look at my other site-www.cs I have only a translation but if you look at "verwacht" to see what litters, and if you look at "te koop" to see what is for sale was.
In "fokzeugen" see my breeding sows female piggy's
In "fokberen" to see my breeding boars. male piggy's
I like to contact more foreign breeders to have my house even better than it already is.
If you know someone who have interest in my animals I would like to hear that.

Greetings Nathalie cs-guineas pride

Anonymous - 2011-11-27
I love Teddy bears! I 'm getting two.

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  • Charlie Roche - 2011-11-28
    Are you getting two boys or two gals?
DARCI - 2010-12-04
I wanted to get a Teddy guinea pig for a christmas gift for me, do you know a breeder in California that I may contact? Please email me.

Madison - 2010-03-02
I love Teddy Bear Guinea Pigs, they are so cute! I'm going 2 get 1 soon!

Keara - 2009-04-07
I love teddy guinea pigs! I'm going to get one for my b-day.