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   The fabulous docile "Guinea Pig" is neither a pig nor is it from Guinea!
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Ronet Bell - 2009-08-28
My birthday is in 2 more days and I really want a guinie pig. This website also helped me to learn about the diet and stuff and I am just so happy!

joe - 2009-07-18
we went away and my daughters pig looks smaller then when we left, our friend that was watching her said he found some blood in the cage we have hampster and now know they eat the babies do they also eat the babies? Otherwise seems healthy have only had her maybe a month I know she is young because of her size. Any help would be great

mara - 2009-06-10
I currently have 9 guinea pigs. Yes, I am a guinea pig lover (: I have 3 girls, and 6 boys. The girls are very sweet Pucca (American Dutch black/white) is the grumpy one, and always looks at you whenever you enter the house to pick her up. Punkie (abyssinian) is the crazy one, she's the flirt of the three girls, and there is Parches (American brown/white), she's really quiet. The boys are always trying to get our attention. Coco (the first one of them all, an American gp) he is also crazy and is boyfriend with Punkie. Peque (american dutch) is kind of agressive with Coco, and is boyfriend with Pucca. The brothers, Eldredge and Rufus (they were adopted/ abyssinian). Eldredge is trying to get to know their new human friends, and Rufus is happy to follow his brother's lead. There is also Gre

adique142 - 2009-03-28
I had 2 Guinea Pigs at my home, but I was always thinking is the guinea pig related to the pig.

niaTIFFANIE - 2009-01-26
why cant you leave your male guinie pig with its mother.?

ABBY - 2009-01-25
I am 8 & I might be geting 1 so do u have any hints for me

Lisa - 2009-01-15
My name is Lisa, and I've been a guinea pig lover for 38 years. Since the age of 3 I've raised Buffy & Joddie, BeeBee & Junior, Fluffy & Snowball, Woodstock (Woody) & Jerry, Brownie & CoCo, Lucy & Ethel as pets. We have 18 month old Gizmo and Spike as the current pigs in our family. Dispite their names, Gizmo & Spike are both females (we have our 10 year old son to thank for that). They are both cute and lovable critters and like to play and cuddle. Gizmo is a multi-colored American who is shy and curious. Spike is a black American-Silkie mix who is outgoing and nosy. Gizmo likes one on one attention, soft music and gentle cuddles. Spike likes to be the center of attention, watching tv and talking with her humans. Gizmo rarely complains and goes with the flow. Spike will loudly speak her mind if someone enters their room without saying hello. We also have a very intelligent tiger striped cat named Tigger (very protective of the pigs), and a chow mix named Tress who loves everybody (even the mailman). Considering they are the smallest members of our family (me-mom, CJ-10 year old, Dave-dad, Vivianne-grandma, Malessie-great grandma, Tigger, Tress and Gizmo & Spike), they are by far the most opinionated and vocal. They scream at the cat until he finds a human to give them whatever it is that they demand, and they just confuse the dog (she's not quite sure what to make of them at all). We love all of the people and animals in our family and wouldn't trade any of them for anything in the world.

Shy Ann - 2009-01-02
Our Family has two 1year old guinea pigs. We were wondering if it would be advisable to add a baby guinea in with them.

Tammy - 2008-09-12
I feel so much better after reading Eleanor's comment from April '07. My sweet Wilbur passed away last night. I was concerned that my friend's son had perhaps fed him something toxic while he was here 2 days ago. And even though Eleanor's comment that cavies will steer clear of poisonous foods is not definitive, I take comfort from it. Though I will miss my sweet, funny little piggyboy for quite some time.

Sami - 2008-09-06
I have the most loving and caring guinea pig ever, shes about 3 now. She's a black and white long haired, well her hair isn't even that long, lol. I bought her with another female who sadely had to be put to sleep after my dog got hold of them both. That was really upsetting for me as I'm an animal lover. After about 2 years of my guinea pig being on her own, I decided to get her a friend. So I got her a baby short hair, a black and caramel baby guinea pig. I love them both very much and my older guinea pig has motherd the baby, I'm so proud of her.