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   The fabulous docile "Guinea Pig" is neither a pig nor is it from Guinea!
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Andrew - 2003-12-19
Hey my name is Andrew. We bought our Guinea pig about one month ago and she just had two babys last week. We were really suprised how big they are, and how quickly they are up and moving around. This website was a great help, THANKS!

Anonymous - 2003-12-07
hi my name is J. My guinea had her babies a week earlier than we expected. She had 4 and they are now 4 hours old. We have already named them Pepsi, Truffle, Bubble and Squeek. They all like to snuggle up to mom and can just about waddle a few steps around the hutch.

Sarah K. - 2003-11-21
hi my name is sarah and i just LOVE Guinea Pigs. i have one myself. he is the cutest looking GP i have every seen. he is still a baby. he is right here and he wants to talk.c jjjjjjjwstgo. he wrote that. my GPs name is Harry. i love this site cuz this is the 1st time i have owned a GP let alone a pet and it give so much info. well tanxs


Alexandra Gifford - 2003-11-19
I love guinea-pigs. Mine are due on the 12th November 2003. They are really cute. My guinea-pigs names are Lilly, Chee-Chee and Bob. The guinea-pigs on your website are really healthy.

Addison Wessbecker - 2003-11-14
I think that your babies are so cute! My guinea is due to have babies 11-14-03, so we are really excited! I again have to say how cute and healthy they look. Cinder did a very good job.

Brianna - 2003-11-04
I love your site!!! I had 21 Guinea pigs in my whole lifetime. Guinea pigs are my all TIME FAVORITE!

Kelly - 2003-11-04
My guinea pig "Lexus" just had her first litter. She had 3. We named them "Batty", "Goblin", and "Traz". I came on here to see how long they should stay with their mom. Thanks for the info.

Kim - 2003-10-29
Your site is great! and so are guinea pigs. my little piggie is a real sweetheart. i am continually amazed at how smart and affectionate she can be. to all the non-believers in guinea pigs, she is living proof.
be kind to animals -- keep up the great site!

emma - 2003-10-06
I think that this is the best site for info on cavies. My pig has had her piglets they are 3 weeks old now and they are coming along great. She had three babies and i was worried that one, the runt, was going to get left out. I did see the birth ans with Evie(the last pig that is) she forgot to bite the sac so i had to prod her until she finally did. Then I had to rub evie with a towel. She is fine now though.
I just wanted to say thank you as I have referred to this sight a great deal.
love emx