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   The fabulous docile "Guinea Pig" is neither a pig nor is it from Guinea!
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Maeve - 2012-05-23
We have 2 female guineas and they are the most placid things ever! They are 3 years old. Star is ginger and white, shes the fatter one, Sparkle is tri colour and is shyer. We love them to bits and I would reccomend American guinea pigs to anyone!!!!

nm123 - 2012-01-17
My friends said her daughters guinea pig had an operation to take some tumers out inside her guinea pig her Mom said the docter gave them medicine to help it regain its health but now after a few weeks its health has not improved and the guinea pig just wants to relax and not run around like it normally did before this has been happening for about 7 weeks now and it is eating but its just not as active as it was before the operation.

is this the cause of old age or is it the medication?

please get back to me asap

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  • Charlie Roche - 2012-01-17
    It could be the little fella is just getting older or possibly the medication made him a little sick. If he is getting around and eating and poop looks normal, that is about all you can do. Hopefully, he feels better in a little while.
  • lucy - 2012-05-18
    yes probably because of old age just check in at your local vet to find out
Ginny - 2008-06-03
My son received a long haired guinea pig for his 7th birthday last week. We are finding that guinea pigs are more work that we imagined. Based on your experiences, we wonder,should we take the long-haired piggie back and exchange him for a short haired breed before he gets to attached.

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  • Lucy Lemon - 2012-04-03
    No need to send the guinea pig back; just give it a haircut! To send the poor pig back would potentially destroy its ability to trust humans for the rest of its life. So, the easy solution is give the pig a haircut and groom it once a week. NOTE: even short haired guinea pigs should be groomed once a week to develop a bond, check for health problems and keep its coat clean!
nm123 - 2012-01-19

Michael - 2011-12-22
I had a Guinea Pig when I was younger and now my daughter has followed the same interest as I have in them. I got one about three months ago and I'm picking up another one this evening. They are a great pet for kids. I'm thinking of breeding the two.

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  • Charlie Roche - 2011-12-22
    They are fun and enjoyable pets to have. If you wish to breed, you might want to think about where the little ones are going to go. It is hard to have a houseful.
  • bryanna - 2012-01-17
    Hi I'm Bryanna and I would like to know if the guinea pig is for sale. If it is then could you please email me my address is
em - 2011-11-28
I think I am getting a guinea pig for christmas!! I have done a ton of research on them!!

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  • Charlie Roche - 2011-11-29
    Good, hope Santa brings one for you and yes, research them - it is a good thing.
Lucy Lemon - 2011-11-20
We're getting guinea pigs soon, but should I get 2 boys or 2 girls?

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  • Charlie Roche - 2011-11-21
    I'd go for two gals. The male urine is stronger and actually no major problem but boys will be boys.
  • Terry Morris - 2011-11-24
    I currently have 4 males and 3 females. At a young age you will be able to house 2 males or 2 females together. However I found that as my cavies started to get to between 6 months and a year the males had to be seperated. This is fine if you don't mind cleaning two cages. Two of my three females still live together and get along just fine (they actually play with each other on a daily basis). Other than the issue dealing with the number of cages you intend to have you will not be able to place the two males together for any length of time unsupervised as they will fight for dominance (and they can be rather agressive I found out). So if cages are not an issue and you don't plan to have them together you can go either way but if you are getting them to play together and / or only want one cage go with the females.
Mal - 2009-11-28
im gonna get a guinea pig any tips? im getting a tourtishell! any tips? i cant wait.

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  • cayla - 2011-10-04
    Just remember when you get your guinea pig leave it in the cage for three days by itself, let it get used to its new home and they like to be where everyone else is so they can see you every second they don't like to be alone I have a guinea pig and he is the sweetest thing his name is butter scotch and I love him but he is really fat he loves watermelon that's his favorite I hope you have fun with your new piggy.
  • catherine muthoni kabogo - 2011-11-13
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Maria Bakaloglou - 2011-03-10
Hi.! I really need some help with a guinea pig health problem!
It's an American guinea pig and it has his eyes swollen and closed!
Could anybody tell me what might the treatment be?
I feel sad because it can't see!....
I'd really appreciate a reply!
It dwells together with two other of it's own kind,which they're completely healthy!
It shows no other signs of illness...
What can I do to cure it?

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  • shanae - 2011-05-24
    I feel sorry for your guinea pig. It's probably worth taking him to the vet because I don't know. I hope he's all right.
  • Lydia Weltha - 2011-06-30
    Clean his eyes if it has stuff all over it And Take Him To The Vet. ( my guinea pig had that problem)
  • cayla - 2011-10-04
    You know it could just be pea eye but if it doesn't go away fast see a vet how long has it been like that?
  • cayla - 2011-10-04
    You know it could just be pea eye but if it doesn't go away fast see a vet how long has it been like that?
  • Charlie Roche - 2011-10-27
    Take him to the vet. I don't know about Pea eye but upper respiratory infection and antibiotics or big time allergy so change the beeding. These little guys will do everything they can to ACT healthy and then just collapse so get him to the vet as soon as possible.
  • rosaleen_bunniehoney - 2011-10-27
    Just keep nursing it. What I mean is hold it pet it feed it....if it doesn't get better in 3 days it's time for the vet
Lisa - 2011-01-05
We recently (two weeks ago) purchased a young guinea pig from the pet store for my ten year old daughter. Caramel does not like to be held and tries to nip and bite when we do hold her, rearing her head to butt my hand away. I read it is important to hold them often when young. I have to chase her around the cage to pick her up which I am sure is upsetting to her. She loves her playpen (just hard to get her in there if I can't pick her up), lettuce and peppers. We try giving her treats when holding her but that hasn't helped. Should we wait for her to be willing to be held or should I continue chasing her and force holding her and hope she gets used to it? Thanks.

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  • melii - 2011-06-08
    I think you should ask a vet. You should probably take the guinea pig with you and the vet will tell you what to do. Don't force her though because she will be angry when she smells and sees you and that will be bad because she will become scared of you. I think you should pet her first to show her that you won"t harm her or him. Hope that was helpful!! =D
  • Jazz Ojou Allen - 2011-06-13
    Girl, I am having the same problem with my Huey. I got her yesterday and she still acts like she's afraid of me. I'm hoping she'll get used to my presence but it seems to be slow going. I'm hoping she'll warm up to me more after I buy her a companion so she won't be alone
  • Lara Morrow - 2011-09-30
    I had the same thing with our pig when we first got him. The pet stores were all out of pigs so I answered an ad and rescued a young pig from a family who had young kids and no time for him. He was extremely thirsty and hungry when I got him home and painfully shy. We handled him everyday for more than 1 hour at a time. Just holding and petting his fur. After a couple of weeks he started to become much more adjusted to be handled. We have had Milo for about 2 1/2 months. He has grown a lot. Now he squeals like crazy when he hears us approach. He popcorns (jumping) and purrs. If I open his cage door he comes to me so I can pet him or give him timothy hay. He still runs if I go to grab him. That is just a natural instinct. He is fine once I hold him. He licks me and LOVES to be scratched under his chin.
    I had an albino as a teen and never knew how loving and wonderful pigs can be. I do know now that you MUST handle them a lot in order to train them to be more social. They are naturally very social animals. You have heard the saying, after 2 weeks it becomes a habit. Use that in this instance. Handle, hold and pet the piggy every day. You will notice a different pet very soon. Good luck
  • cayla - 2011-10-04
    Maybe you should leave it alone for about 3 days and if it starts coming to you and everything you should be okay.
  • Allison - 2011-10-14
    You just need to give him or her TIME ... Adjustment is needed. Think of how scared YOU would be if all of sudden you were in a New Place with New people and New smells and New food etc.
    Give it TIME ... but still put your hand in often and offer to pet him and be gentle and allow him to come to you. Do NOT ignore your New Pet for even a Day !! They will most likely always run around and want to be chased when you try to catch them to pick them up - it's just the Nature of the Guinea Pig !! They are Tiny compared to you. But once in your arms they generally calm considerably and love to be held and also love to have their little chins rubbed !! Also they love to be rubbed just between their ears at their Forehead - Just between their eyes. It makes them sleepy. If you make a habit of offering a Treat of fresh Veggies each time you hold him ... I'm certain he will find being held in your Arms a much nicer Place to be than he originally thought. Try putting the Veggies at his Door ! Again - Time is Key !! A few weeks will definitely be needed.
    Patience ... Guinea Pigs are truly the Very Best Little Pets !! Best of Luck and Love to your Little G.P.