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   The fabulous docile "Guinea Pig" is neither a pig nor is it from Guinea!
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Julie - 2006-12-25
I have had several guinea pigs. They are always very sweet and loving pets. I did have one very bad experience though. My family was in the process of moving to a new house and we left the guinea pig, Lucky with our friend Leslie. When we came back to pick him up, he had been starving himself for 5 days out of loneliness. We tried to bottle-feed him and nurse him back to health, but it was too late. Lucky died in my father's arms. This just shows how devoted guinea pigs are. If you can set aside the time to care for these animals, they make a very sweet and loyal companion.

Dave A. - 2006-12-19
I have been amazed at the bonding of these little creatures to their caretakers. Particularly curious to me was that from the day that they were calmed enough to be held, they have called out to my wife and I that they needed a potty break. It took us humans longer to realize their needs then they. It took only a couple of our miss reads, to realize their concern. I love our pair of ladies, Pumpkin (a red-brown Self) and Shaggy (a tan on white Abyssinian), so very much.

Elizabeth - 2006-12-13
Hello. I have three female guinea pigs Coconut, Sugar Pie, and Cutie Pie. They are very smart, cuddley and adorable. Guinea pigs are the perfect pet for a RESPONSIBLE person for they need constant cage cleanings and looking after. They are basicly every pet in one small package. When they are young they hop around alot and they like to run around in mazes and smell things. They may chase moving things too like cats. They are also very intellegent they can be toilet trained, learn their names, learn tricks such as climbing up stairs and opening their cages. Though, it all depends on the guinea pigs personality.

Eve - 2006-11-25
Hi I have 5 guinea pigs: Popple, Tiger, Rocky, and Tiger had a baby 4 days ago... she doesn't have name yet. I love them all so much. About two months ago my sister had a Piggie called Olive and one morning woke to feed them, when we looked in hutch we had a baby, we called him Pippin. Soon we are taking them to the guinea pigs Races at the pet shop.:)

Irene - 2006-11-25
Hi everyone, i have 3 guinea pigs and one of them, Koko Black, is pregnant with what looks to be about 2 or 3 bubs!!! i am really excited and i cant wait to see them. this site has really helped me whenever i have problems with my guineas. the answer is always here! so i just wanted to say thanks for all your help with any questions i have ever had.
kind regards,

Emily, CO - 2006-11-22
I got 2 guinea pigs when I was about 9 years old and I have been in love with them ever since! My first 2 pigs were brothers and I am sad to say that, 5 years after adopting them, one of the brothers, Latte had a heart attack and died. His brother Cappucino is still happy and healthy to this day (a year and a half after his brother's death). I wanted to get a companion for my remaining guinea pig so I looked at a local pet store for some babies. Unfortunately after purchasing the new pig, Chai Mo, the baby got sick and passed away not 6 months later. They are very loving animals and I would recommend them to anyone who wants an easy to keep, cuddley animal. Even though these rodents can be easy to handle and care for they ALWAYS need good supplements to help keep them healthy. I would recommend Sun Drops, its a mixture of calcium and other minerals and vitamins that guinea pigs need every day. Just thought I should comment and give a few tips! ~Emily and Cappucino (piggy)

yahya - 2006-11-21
hi, my name is yahya and i am from lebanon. i have 2 guinea pigs, one that is a crested bow, and the other an abysinian sow. there is something funny about my crested bow, when i start to scream at him he starts jumping like a rabbit. i think he is crazy but now i realise that it is just his excitement. i just want to say this: I LOVE GUINEA PIGS!

Bran - 2006-11-11
I am 14 and have always had at least one guinea pig. I have had almost every breed and now i have one mixed breed named Hershey that my dad's animal sanctuary rescued: Newstart animal refuge. Recently Hershy has suffered the loss of his cage mate Inlay(a dwarf rabbit). he has become more sciddish and is going through some depression as we try to find him another companion. Well anyway, i would gladly recommend a guinea pig for anyone. They become very loyal like a dog. My first one, Ven, learned to open his cage, climb the stairs, go into my room, and whistle at my bed to get my attention all by himself. I love them all

sue - 2006-10-24
Piggies are the cutest of pets, and very lovable. I have 6 of them. They dont smell, and are easy to look after. Ours love to run around our back yard. My favourite piggie is called Trouble and he's a beautiful long haired Sheltie cross. He's so placid and thus has a lovely nature. I wouldnt be without my piggies for anything, and the next door neighbour's dog is fascinated with them.

lynn hinde - 2006-10-08
I just have to mention that one of my guinea pigs has recently died. He had been suffering from repeated bladder infections for around 4 months and the vet kept subscribing him baytril drops. This cleared his pain temporarily but then a few weeks ago my piggie lost loads of weight and he was finally referred to a specialist. He was x-rayed and found to have many little bladder stones. We had to hand feed him with a syringe for a few days, until his operation. Unfortunately on the morning of his operation I found him dead in his cage. My advice to all guinea pig owners is - if your piggie squeaks whilst passing urine, take him to the vets immediately. If the infections occur regularly then demand an x-ray. Please don't leave it too long. If I'd known more and acted sooner then my poor little "haggis" would still be here today.