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The Chilean Rose Tarantula has been an important spider for more than thirty years!
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Juan - 2006-09-02
I got my spider 6 months ago. I've seen her molt, have funny moments with her prey,(crickets and mealworms) and I've even seen her rip her webs off the floor like a carpet and add bew ones. they are VERY interesting and I don't know why people call them "pet rocks".

Karina and Steven - 2006-08-20
My little brother, 12 years old, got his turantula about 2 weeks ago. It's pretty creepy. But it's calm and just about to molt. I held it for the 1st time today (i'm still a little shaky lol). And my brother picks it up ever once in a while. It gets a lot of attention. I would recommend the rosehaired Turantula as a pet if someone wanted something creepy!

Angie - 2006-08-14
hi i bought a rosehaired spider a week ago. shes lovely and nice to handle and watch. its my 1st time, i bought a spider for myself as i think there nice and i would recommend a rosehaired one to anyone just starting off with one. thanks angie

Jason - 2006-07-04
Like your web site. Me and my wife got one 5 days ago and I really love my spider. My wife is really scared of spiders but she holds this one. my spider is very calm. I got a female and she is just very calm and she never tries to bite and i'm really glad i got her.

Rye - 2006-06-07
Nice sight, lots of good info. Bought my T the other day and love him, while I was worried about the venom and hairs I got over it quickly.

yan liktor - 2006-06-06
i picked up a tiny 4 month old rose hair the other day, and she is beautiful! she is very quick moving, and she loves to jump around her tank, something i thought was quite weird for a rose hair lol. i haven't held her yet as she is still too small, but i hope to do so soon. rose hairs are an ideal beginners spider, and a hardy species that i would recommend to anyone.

Rob - 2006-05-18
i just got a rose tarantula 4 days ago and she is quite good to handle. so i recommend people who are looking for a pet, to get a rose tarantula.

kevin thacker - 2006-05-16
i just got a rose hair and it seems very calm and it still hasn't bitten me lol. only the females spin webs, well thats just what i heard, but they seem like great pets.

Bree-Anne - 2006-05-09
I have had a rose haired for almost 11 years now. Oscar is her name, this was before I learned that it was female. She is very calm and allows me to hold her at any given time, she has never bit anyone before. I recommend the rose haired as a pet to anyone.

Amy E. - 2006-05-08
I'm a brand new and proud owner of a Rosehair Tarantula. I enjoyed your article and comments from fellow owners.