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The Chilean Rose Tarantula has been an important spider for more than thirty years!
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Kyra Swim - 2015-02-06
my husband got a c. rose hair tarantula about 2-3 years ago from his cousin and it hasn't molted yet?  she still eats ok and moves around.  is that a bad sign?  we aren't sure how old she is.  what would cause her not to molt? i thought they were supposed to every year?  we don't moniter the temp and humidity so i just got that  to try to keep a better environment for her. any suggestions would be appreciated!

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  • Clarice Brough - 2015-02-14
    Your tarantula sounds like it is fine. These types of spiders molt when they are growing, and molt the most when young. However as adults, females may molt about once a year and males will probably never molt. You may actually have a male, but I have also heard of females going for over 2 years without molting.
Jason Rogers - 2015-01-27
We have a 4 yr old Chilean rose. The other day we gave her a mouse for the first time, which she gladly enjoyed.She was as normal for 2 days then was observed to be on her back. She has been this way for 2days now with no real signs of the molting. We are concerned because this is not normally her behavior. She last molted in October 14. She usually fast before a molt. This is extremely abnormal behavior for her. And advise would be helpful.

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  • Clarice Brough - 2015-01-30
    I sure hope your Rose-haired Tarantula pulls out of it.  Feeding a mouse (pinky or otherwise) is generally cautioned against. Mice are sometimes exposed to pesticides and they are also said to be linked to severe molting problems in tarantulas, sometimes even fatal.
  • Linda Fluekiger - 2015-01-31
    Is your Rosie better?
Diz - 2015-01-02
I just got my very first T. Rose hair because I heard they were most docile, however today I just wanted to touch her but when I did she jumped at me and scared the bejeezus out of me but she didn't bite me which I'm sure she could have... She had eaten at the petstore earlier when I picked her up but I thought she may still be hungry so I Gave her two more crickets do you think she just jumped at me because she was hungry? I'm slightly scared to touch her again help please!

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  • Diz - 2015-01-02
    Also should I just feed her til she stops eating or will she over eat?? I'm reading things about them not eating the first day or for a long time but this one seems quite hungry any info is great!
  • Clarice Brough - 2015-01-04
    It sounds like she is still acclimating to her new environment. She should settle down over time. These tarantulas are usually feed 4-6 crickets a week, and yes... there may be times when they will go for long periods when they won't eat. But that doesn't sound like anything you're dealing with right now:)
Anonymous - 2014-12-29
I've had a rose hair for four years now and she's been known to starve herself, but never for more than two months. it's been several months now (probably 3 or 4) and she still hasn't eaten. every time I try and feed her she becomes very stressed and runs scared from the cricket. I don't think she is molting, she's very skinny and unhealthy looking.. I'm very worried, is this normal or should I be worried? ( Ps. It's almost like she can't see the cricket or doesn't want to hurt it, she's extremely calm and friendly and has only molted once since I've gotten her, I don't know if age would effect her diet, or if she doesn't molt because she doesn't eat enough)

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  • Clarice Brough - 2014-12-29
    Her behavior sounds typical of these tarantulas, as they can go for months, even years without eating. And she has never molted a lot... so that seems normal. Being skinny is worrisome though, and as females can live around 20 years, it isn't age. It may be normal, but you could also look for possible parasites... like mites in her enclosure. Hope she hangs in there!
Nathan Holbrook - 2011-07-20
I am moving and cannot keep my spider. I just want to know where I might be able to sale it? Please anyone with any idea of where i can sale it please email me.

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  • Gary collins - 2014-12-22
    I have one rose hair now, also 5 snakes 2 red tail boa,s ball python and a albino kink snake. Your spider will be very well cared for. Hope to here from you. Gary
Mark - 2014-12-14
I have 2 one year old curly hairs that i would like sexed. Can anyone help?

Jake davis - 2014-11-29
My female rose hair just had babies so I am about to have over 500 baby Chilean rose hairs.

Stephanie - 2014-11-08
I just recently got my first rose haired Turantula about a week ago. I am trying to get an understanding of her. She was crawling out of her tank & I put my hands out which she crawled onto. I then put her on my floor to roam. She was slowly crawling like normal. After a minute or two I then wanted to put her back into her tank so I slowly put my hand down on the carpet so when she was walking she could crawl onto my hand. I did not touch her. The second I got my hand on the carpet she went running fast onto my hand. I was scared & ripped my hand away. Please someone experienced please tell me why she did this. Thank you.

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  • cd - 2014-11-11
    She may have decided she did not like the feeling of the carpet. Generally none of ours care to be on the carpet and are always ready to get away from it. She may have decided that your hand was more comfortable than that of the carpet which can get their tarsal hooks stuck. Hope this helps you out a bit.
Terry - 2014-09-29
i have a rose hair tarantula and for about a week has been under a rock in the cage. I can see thru the bottom of the glass an see my tarantula but she is not moving. Do they have to be on there backs when molting? She is right side up and do not want to disturb her if she is molting.

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  • Clarice Brough - 2014-10-02
    Yes, they will flip onto their backs to molt. By its behavior, it may be getting ready for a molt soon.
Onetimehowett - 2014-09-28
I got a Ross haired Chilean tarantula about 2 months ago I've been taking good care of him and I have been holding him he usually just climbs in my hand but recently a he started moving around alot and wouldn't get in my hand at all and today he won't move at all even when I poke him what is wrong with him is he ok and I'm pretty sure he's not molting they get on there back when they molt

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  • Clarice Brough - 2014-09-29
    Even though he's not molting right now, it sounds like he may be getting ready too.