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   Some of the most beautiful snakes are Corn Snakes!
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Aubrey - 2010-07-01
Hi, I REALLY want a corn snake, but I can't seem to get over a tiny fear. I am afraid that it will bite me... would it? I mean, my brother has one, and it seems so nice. But I'm afraid that if I get one, it will be mean and bite me. Has anyone ever had this fear? Will a corn snake bite me, and if it does, will it hurt?

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  • Anonymous - 2010-12-17
    Corn snakes are considered to be one of the most docile snakes you can own, it all depends on how you raise them though. I have owned 2 for 3 years and never been bitten. A key thing to remember though is to feed them in a different tank that what you normally keep them in, this is so they don't associate their tank with food.
  • JC - 2011-02-08
    No reason to be scared. I've only been bitten three times and that wuz when it was a hatchling and I wuz actually the one who provoked it....
  • cress - 2013-09-08
    24 yrs of cornsnake care under my belt. Never have they eaten each other. always had multiples in the same cage. even sometimes had a very small one with a large one! I very often feed them in the cage they are in unless housed with another, then i will take one out. you do not have to do anything special for them to mate. if there is a male and a female in the same cage, when they are old enough you will get eggs! ( just incubated and hatched 12 very healthy baby corns) T
  • Niki - 2013-10-21
    I have an adult that I got when he was 3 years old. Never bit me. I just got a baby born this July who hasn't yet but his sister bit me. Seriously that small didn't feel even as bad as a mosquito bite. No one likes to get bit by anything but really not that bad and cornsnakes tame very easy. That's why they are the perfect beginner snake :)
  • AnaLilia - 2019-05-28
    Well when corn snakes are scared they might snap at you. But if you are getting a baby corn snake and if he or she bite you it would not hurt. I have a corn snake and she is a baby. I would get a baby corn snake because you could treat it nicely and they wont bite you when they grow older. But they might bite you because it could be because they are hungry.
Tony Osty Wilds - 2013-06-04
hi ive just got a corn snake snow from my son for my birthday I fed it on sunday when can I handle it cos I tried today Tuesday is that too soon as she keeps trying to bite me (not that it would hurt me ) but would like to handle it any advice

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  • Clarice Brough - 2013-06-05
    NIce picture:) Well, the rule of thumb is to not handle them for 48 to 72 hours after feeding, depending on the size of the prey. Basically if you can still see a lump, then wait longer. Biting is from one of two things, either there is food around or the snake is feeling threatened. I would guess the second one. It's in a brand new environment, is young (babies tend to bite more than adults), and doesn't really know you yet. So be patient and gentle and you should be fine.
  • Clarice Brough - 2013-06-06
    These are even better pictures to see your beautiful snow corn snake. And yeah, it sounds like he's still a bit nervous. But they adapt pretty quickly, as you are finding out:)
  • Tony Osty Wilds - 2013-06-06
    Thanxs for that I got to handle it last night it tryed to bite me but I waited until she tunred around . Once in my hand it was ok , it was squeezing my fingers quit hard is this normal or was it it felt threatened
  • Callum Ryan - 2014-08-19
    The squeezing is normal they are just trying to hold on. Think about it like you're a tree for them and that your fingers and other body parts and like branches so they just want to feel safe. :)
  • Shane allen - 2015-05-29
    My corn snake must be super friendly he doesn't try any aggressive things
  • Anonymous - 2018-06-13
    How long ago did you get the snake?
Anonymous - 2015-05-19
i really want a corn snake but my parents don't seem into it. what can i do to get them agree?

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  • Rosie - 2016-11-15
    Corn snakes never bite rarley shed and are very gentle tell them that
carly :D - 2010-06-08
Hi all! Me and my boyfriend have not long getting our corn snake he has grew a lot since we got him we've named him Timmy! But the problem is (me) I just can't get over my fear that he is going to bite me I try to get him out every day but if he looks at me the wrong way I put him straight back in his tank or just leave him in his tank if I have'nt already got a hold of him. Is there any advice you can give me to help my fear? I want him to be a great family pet for us and I just want him to be happy as well!

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  • deon - 2014-08-09
    Just take n little clouth and put it over him when u pick him up ones in your hand it will be calm remove clouth when you got it in your hand that was workink for me and never be bitten yet lol try it strongs and enjoy
Anonymous - 2010-11-27
I have 2 corn snakes, one is almost 1 year old and the other turned 2 today and I've been hearing you can and you can't have them together so I'm really confused.

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  • TONY - 2013-07-07
    Hi, i have a red albino corn snake and a great plains rat snake together. I put the rat snake in with the corn snake as adults to see if they would get along. I did this about 2 years ago and they are still together with no problems whatsoever. Just don't feed them together, put 1 snake in another container and feed it in that container and then put it back with the other snake. King snakes and milk snakes must be kept separetly as they will eat one another.
Anonymous - 2012-02-21
Hi, just wondering if this was a good starter reptile as I have never owned one before(unless you count taking care of my cousins ball python as owning) and would really like a few. P.S.: can they be kept in a watery enviorment?

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  • Clarice Brough - 2012-02-26
    There are a number of great starter reptiles that are hardy and easy to handle. First you have to decide what kind of reptile you want, a snake, a lizard or a turtle. A number of turtles can be kept in water, like the Red-earred Sliders and Painted Turtles. Some great snakes are Garter Snakes, Milk Snakes or King Snakes, and of course the Ball Python that you are already familiar with. One of the best beginner lizards is the Leopard Gecko, as well as the Bearded Dragon.

    To help you decide, here's some links: Pet Lizards: Choosing a Lizard and Lizard Care, Pet Snakes: Choosing a Snake and Snake Care, Selecting & Caring for Your Turtle or Tortoise.
S Smith - 2007-06-21
Actually, corn snakes will eat other corn snakes, though there are many other reasons for not housing them together. They are solitary animals, and the presence of other corn snakes will stress them out, and may lead to eating problems. If you happen to get a male and a female in the same tank, they will mate and make lots of little snakes that you may not know what to do with. If they mate while they are still fairly small, the female could have egg binding problems and could die. Don't house corn snakes together.

And unlike other reptiles, corn snakes don't need full-spectrum lighting. A little filtered light from the window is all they need.

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  • Francesco - 2010-05-14
    Yes that's perfectly correct I have had my corn snake for about 7 years and he has never required a light of any kind except for the window his tank sits next to, he is a fully grown male and very happy.
  • Mike - 2010-12-17
    Not entirely true, I've had 2 corn snakes for 3 years and they have always been in the same tank. I have a male and a female but if you actually want to breed them, it's kind of a drawn out process that isn't likely going to happen unless you provide the proper conditions. As for the light, that's mostly true, it all depends on where you live. I've Never had issues with my snakes wanting to hurt each other, they were from the same clutch of eggs, so they are very close to each other in size.
  • Call me Jane - 2011-01-28
    I've been told that cannibalism is rare in corn snakes, especially adults. Mine often seek out the company of their cage-mates as they are housed together in a large tank and will cram together in the same hide box rather than use the multiple (and identical) hides provided. They are healthy and eat like piglets so don't think I would say they are particularly stressed. Snakes in the wild often den together and don't seem terribly perturbed by their neighbors. None of my corn-snake owning acquaintances have ever had any trouble with co-habitating corns - aside from the obvious potential for promiscuous breeding so I would think that empiric evidence supports co-habitation.
  • sarah - 2012-02-19
    Mike is right. It is not true for one corn snakes wanting to eat another corn snakes can easly be put in a tank together. I mean if they really wanted to eat each other there would be no baby corn snakes would there and you can't just sit a corn snake by a window they need heat. I mean your house might be 85 degrees but mine is not. Sure a corn snake can survive with out proper heating and yes I agree they don't need heat bulbs but if you really care about your corn snake you sould give it all you can to keep your snake healthy. I mean almost every thing you said was wrong because I have checked every website every book wrote down so many notes and have corn snakes of my own to know your wrong
Jessica - 2011-10-26
Hey ya'll!! I need some advice, my husband is getting me 2 corns (male & female). I have wanted one from the time I handled a snake.. They are in the same tank (50g) and I have done my home work, and they have bred before. I know that it's a lot of responsibility maintaining the female before/during/after breeding and then you have the little ones to tend to.. Honestly since they will be my first snakes I don't plan on breeding them any time soon to avoid any injuries.. I will only have the one 50g tank to keep them in and I was wondering if I could separate them until the mating seasons over then put them back together or just separate them all together? Maybe get a comfy clear tub for one until I can get another tank. Also, I know that the female will lay her eggs fertilized or not and I was wanting to know if I should just treat her as if she's pregnant and just make a her a nesting box..

I plan on breeding them but I just want to get used to them and have some experience under my belt before hand :)

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  • Charlie Roche - 2011-10-27
    Breeding corn snakes is quite competitive and there are many out there who do this. If you think you are going to make money breeding, you might clearly be very dissapointed and wind up with the two adults and about 25 - 30 babies. You might want to just keep the two for sometime and wait and make the breeding decision later. However, I did find breeding and it pretty much tells a person what to do.
  • Jessica - 2011-10-28
    When I do plan on breeding them I'm only breeding them once, someone is already interested in the babies.. I don't plan on breeding every year, that's just too much for me.
Simon - 2011-03-31
I got my corn snake last summer & I noticed something very interesting about her, she has a black & white checkerboard all along her entire belly, this was something I had not seen before so I read up on it & found out that the checker belly is more common in wild corn snakes in the Florida area.

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  • Charlie Roche - 2011-04-01
    I think that is definitely true. The kids and I went to get into the car to go to school and there was about an enormous snake laying in front of the car. This was iin Florida. After screaming my head off, a fella who was working there came over and just picked it up and said he would take it home. It had a checkered sorta criss cross belly. Pretty but not exactly what I expected to see in front of the car.
  • courtney - 2011-09-28
    How can you tell how old is an albino corn snake?
tammy - 2010-11-20
I would like to know if I could use my salt water light for my bearded dragon? It has a day bulb and night in one.