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The adorable White-Lipped Tree Frog, true to its name, has a bright white lower lip!
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Kassidy Talerico - 2008-01-10
These pictures of all these Tree Frogs are adorable!

Claire McLintock - 2007-05-27
When i bought my frog, he was sooo cute.
he ate carrots and lettuce.
i found out that frogs can eat vegetables too.
Also my frog is 25yrs old....
Also they love tomatoes

Joey - 2007-01-04
I had the Privilege of Co-habitating with a not so little white lip for well over 3 years. He was sick when I got him from the pet store (he had cancer of the blood) but I had to keep him anyway. I named him Pugsly (Like the boy from the Adams family). He was a real joy from day one, I still talk about him like he was a child. He was spoilt like one too! I never knew a frog could have such a personality but he had an attitude to back it up too. I used to love the look of total shock on everyone