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Anonymous - 2018-08-25
I have 3 black scorpions. One weighs 110 grams and the other two weighs around 70 grams. Contact me on and I will show the pics.

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  • pandiyan reno - 2019-08-12
    I need brother contact me my whatsapp number +919597250344
  • Nguadamu7 - 2019-08-01
    Send me pics or what's Plz +923015676328
Waris Baloch - 2018-05-13
Hello, I have black Scorpion venom, which is very best quality Venom, I can provide 500 grams, now it's available, if any buyer want to buy can contact by my whatsapp number +923042570285/ I will sale one gram in 6 thousand united States dollars.

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  • Ali - 2019-08-09
    Do you buy scorpio venom
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jimmy rudy - 2009-05-27
I absolutely love this Spider. I just received my 1 inch sling today and can't wait to see it grow into one of these incredible blue creatures. Raising Aboreal T's is a wonderful, fun, and relatively cheap hobby. All my animals were captive bred and by raising these spiders, many discoveries are made that benefit the animal.

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  • Billy - 2010-12-28
    I have been searching for a blue Ornamental for years! I was wondering if you know where I could get one, preferably a baby.
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Anonymous - 2019-07-16
Can I use sand in habit for my scorpion?

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hamza ali - 2014-12-30
Spider buyer's in Pakistan . . . We are the geniune buyers . . We purchase all kinds of spiders in Pakistan and outside Pakistan too . We are direct buyer there will be no mediator / broker in front , only direct buyer will be represent . . If you have any kind of spider kindly contact us , we challengue you nobody will offer much good rate then us . . Our minimum required weight is 50 gram and maximum more than 50 kg . . . Contact us directly at

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  • Saad - 2015-01-06
    Hi, I have 15-25gm spiders in Karachi and can provide upto 50gm. contact me on 03218745852
  • shaikh moon - 2015-02-16
    i have 4 piece of spider.ready for me if u want to buy..thanks
  • hamza - 2015-02-24
    Ok . . . Contact me directly 923115194163 . .
  • Ahmed - 2016-03-04
    I have 100 black scorpions in Algeria from 10-55 g.
    If you can buy give me your price in USD.
  • Parvez Alam - 2016-11-19
    I have one Black spider. I want to sale spider 111gms.Now product in Karachi.please send me price.
    Thank you
    Parvez Alam
    our wartsapp number 0088-01727531748
  • Waris Baloch - 2018-05-13
    If any want to buy Venom of black Scorpion can contact, +923042570285 via whatsapp
  • Raees - 2018-11-20
    Sir I have 112g spider did you buy this... and what will be your offer
  • sophie - 2018-12-03
    To Mr. Ahmed from Algeria
    I will buy any of scorpion over 40 grams you have, How many do you have?
    What is your selling price?
    please contact me on my Gmail:
  • Ali Bukar - 2019-07-15
    I have 50 grams up black scorpions,kindly please forward your WhatsApp number,so that I make video with your code
  • Anonymous - 2019-05-22
    i have some Scorpion wight 15-50 gm if you want to buy u can send me msg on my whtsapp No. +919713002255
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Rocco - 2019-06-19
Looking for fly river turtles. US

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  • trueman - 2019-07-12
    I have two size classes. 1.5 years at $1850 each (only have a couple left), I also have several 8 month old juvies. These are $1850 each, or $1650 each for two, or $1500 each for 3 or more. They are all strong and feeding well. I have done the hard work and got them through the delicate stages. They are the ultimate freshwater turtle and these are the only juveniles I know of available in Australia. Breeding is not consistent and availability scarce. Can ship to virtually anywhere in Australia, free shipping for more than 1 turtle.
    contact (
Lamar Johnson - 2018-11-07
I would love to have a Pig Nose Turtle/Fly River Turtle if anyone can find me one.

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  • Rocco - 2019-06-19
    How can I contact you? I'm interested in your fly river turtle.
  • Anonymous - 2019-03-24
    I have one i willing to sell it . Its about 40 cm
  • G3 - 2019-04-06
    How much are you asking for your Fly River? Plus shipping? Interested.
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Frederickhutson - 2019-06-28
Text or call 339-970-9126
Stunning 450 gram BEL ( Lesser Mojave), could also possibly have Enchi and GHI in as the parents are:-
GHI MOJAVE (male) X LESSER ENCHI (female).
She is doing everything she should and is thriving.
Eating frozen thawed pray. Text or call 339-970-9126

josuapong - 2019-06-28
TEXT OR CALL 339-970-9126
Stunning 450 gram BEL ( Lesser Mojave), could also possibly have Enchi and GHI in as the parents are:-
GHI MOJAVE (male) X LESSER ENCHI (female).
She is doing everything she should and is thriving.
Eating frozen thawed pray. TEXT OR CALL 339-970-9126

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Aubrey - 2010-07-01
Hi, I REALLY want a corn snake, but I can't seem to get over a tiny fear. I am afraid that it will bite me... would it? I mean, my brother has one, and it seems so nice. But I'm afraid that if I get one, it will be mean and bite me. Has anyone ever had this fear? Will a corn snake bite me, and if it does, will it hurt?

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  • Anonymous - 2010-12-17
    Corn snakes are considered to be one of the most docile snakes you can own, it all depends on how you raise them though. I have owned 2 for 3 years and never been bitten. A key thing to remember though is to feed them in a different tank that what you normally keep them in, this is so they don't associate their tank with food.
  • JC - 2011-02-08
    No reason to be scared. I've only been bitten three times and that wuz when it was a hatchling and I wuz actually the one who provoked it....
  • cress - 2013-09-08
    24 yrs of cornsnake care under my belt. Never have they eaten each other. always had multiples in the same cage. even sometimes had a very small one with a large one! I very often feed them in the cage they are in unless housed with another, then i will take one out. you do not have to do anything special for them to mate. if there is a male and a female in the same cage, when they are old enough you will get eggs! ( just incubated and hatched 12 very healthy baby corns) T
  • Niki - 2013-10-21
    I have an adult that I got when he was 3 years old. Never bit me. I just got a baby born this July who hasn't yet but his sister bit me. Seriously that small didn't feel even as bad as a mosquito bite. No one likes to get bit by anything but really not that bad and cornsnakes tame very easy. That's why they are the perfect beginner snake :)
  • AnaLilia - 2019-05-28
    Well when corn snakes are scared they might snap at you. But if you are getting a baby corn snake and if he or she bite you it would not hurt. I have a corn snake and she is a baby. I would get a baby corn snake because you could treat it nicely and they wont bite you when they grow older. But they might bite you because it could be because they are hungry.

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