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Carrie - 2012-07-01
I have a male green iguana. Can anybody tell my why he leaves white spots on my desk. I can not figure this out.

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  • Charlie Roche - 2012-07-02
    I am going to go on the assumption that it is not his footprints otherwise you wouldn't be concerned.  It can be several things ut the two most common are a fungas or a mold.  It looks sort of like large pieces or particles of a skin (as if you got sunburned and were peeling).  I have no idea how you can tell the difference between the mold or the fungus but a vet can take a culture and provide you with treatment.  Hope this helps. 
  • Charlie Roche - 2012-07-02
    I am sorry - I didn't think of the obvious.  Iguanas molt but it is more like a peeling of dry skin.  It usually isn't big patches but flakes with some patches.  It would look like white flakes. 
  • Gandalf - 2015-11-29
    My green iguana does it too. It's nothing to worry about. Green iguanas naturally sneeze up small white salt crystals. Many people call it snalting.
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Christiana Moore - 2014-09-30
Hi my name is Christiana I found a baby tortoise in the backyard of my job it's probably no bigger than 3inches. I've kept it for 2 days now but I'm scared that I may kill it not having the proper care. I want to keep it so bad. I have it in one of those big plastic rectangle bowl tops with a medium rock and a few patches of lettuce on the side. I let it swim and soak in my bathtub (of course deeply sanitizing afterwards) but I really want to keep it please help.

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  • Clarice Brough - 2014-10-02
    Wow that's exciting Christiana, what a wonderful pet. Besides all the care information on this page up above, you can also check out the article on Selecting & Caring for Your Turtle or Tortoise. Wishing you both the best!
  • Steph - 2015-11-23
    Sulcatas are veeery crafty escape experts. That's probably someones very loved pet. It would be selfish to keep it instead of looking for the owner.
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Scorpion Hater - 2010-09-18
You are all nutso! Just wait until they invade your home where your 17 month old child is! Yeah, having them as pets is too cool for me. It's going to be fabulous when the escape and sting you and you walk around all day and night with a blacklight scared for your childs life! See I just got unfortunate with the house I bought and didn't know that there was a ton of bark scorpions living in and out back of my home. To keep them as pets is the strangest thing I've ever heard of... and breeding them!

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  • scorpionluver - 2010-12-17
    So you're scared of them ''wow''seriously I'm 11 and not scared I have a desert hairy scorpion, but you shouldn't be scared.
  • anonymous - 2010-12-20
    Why don't you turn negative to positive? Like start selling them and getting rid of them at the same time earning money? It helps you and your family get income at the same time put smiles on the scorpion lovers faces :D
  • Artur Miniu Minczuk - 2011-02-24
    I understand that it is not fun to live in a house with scorpions crawling around but it's not a reason to call people who love scorpions nuts. It is different when you keep your scorpion in a tank from which he can't escape than seeing them around the house and having to check your clothes for them. You shouldn't be hating on the scorps but on yourself because you didn't check the house.
  • Eric Peters - 2012-04-07
    Umm dude, I have owned 2 scorpions. My dad has owned multiple tarantulas. I'm 13 and not scared and I'm not nuts
  • Krystal - 2012-07-31
    I agree with and my husband were laying in bed talking with the lights on and my nephew came in and said 'there is a scorpion in your bed!!!' so I freaked out. I'm not scared of the scorpion persay but in fear for my children so I must agree with scorpions being pest!!!
  • Rusty - 2012-11-25
    I completely agree with you, I am an outdoorsman, hunting and fishing guide and scorpion student/scientist. I do not however want to put down anyone who is also like me and finds them interesting and enjoys learning more about them in there own way, that is your right. As I take a look at everything that I do and choose to do I find that my great joy is finding these creatures in there own habitat and choose study them there. Although you and I may agree on the subject others will oppose I get where where you are coming from, and I hope everything is working out for you, just remember not every scorpion lover has a tank full of them of is breeding them.
  • DG321 - 2015-11-15
    If you are not interested in scorpions why are you on this site?
    And if you do not have something nice to say don't comment.
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Christ Mista - 2015-11-08
Am a supplier of black scorpions and other reptiles as we supply a minimum of 10 grams and due to good contacts with the commission of states like USA and Asian states we can ship to any location you are. for more information email at

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roonham ila - 2014-09-20
I have one desert hairy scorpion which is 4inch along with tail if someone have to buy it plz contact us on this number 03033346186.

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  • aftab - 2014-10-21
    i have black Scorpio for sale
  • tristan cook - 2015-11-05
    what exactly are you asking in price for the scorpions?
josh - 2013-11-17
My dad is trying to convince me to cut the stinger off my scorpion but i dont thing its a good thing to do anyone have reasons NOT cut off its stinger

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  • Clarice Brough - 2013-12-10
    Scorpions are look at only, no touch pets. I suggest you respect the animal and don't alter or abuse your pet. When handling is necessary, careful handling will avoid most injuries. Common symptoms of a scorpion sting are irritation, mild pain and temporary numbness. Still, if you don't want to risk being stung then don't handle it.

    Often scorpions will lose their stingers naturally for one reason or another. The stinger will sometimes reform a little with a molt, but it's unlikely it'll ever go back to normal.
  • tristan cook - 2015-11-05
    scorpions are watching pets not hands on pets. A scorpion's stinger is its main weapon for not only attack but defence as well. If its unable to subdue its food it can go hungry and die. Dont alter the specimen for your safety out of fear. respect it and using common since should keep you safe
Pat - 2013-05-25
I'm interested in making a cactus vivarium and I'd like a desert critter to add as a final touch. Is a Desert Hairy Scorpion a good candidate? I like that they're hardy and don't require much care, but I'm worried that they may be injured on the cactus or rearrange the cage as the Emperors are said to do. Can any one shed some light on these or other issues for me? Thanks.

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  • Jeremy Roche - 2013-05-27
    You should be just fine.  They don't rearrange as much as the Emperors do.
  • tristan cook - 2015-11-05
    I have a large female desert hairy scorpion with a small cactus in the tank. Ive actually watched her climb the cactus without any injury to her or the plant. Desert hairy scorpions are a burrowing species so there is a chance she could burrow around the cactus. i suggest putting a sheet of glass in the middle of the tank so you can always see them under the dirt. But no the cactus should be fine with a desert hairy scorpion.
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Daryan - 2012-08-02
My friend found a large painted turtle in the middle of a corn field yesterday and gave it to me, I named him GT for Giant Turtle. I have had many turtles before, but this one is much larger, from nose to tail he/she is about 8-9 inches long. I don't know his/her age or sex. Could somebody please help me figure out? Thanks! :)

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  • Eddie - 2015-11-02
    It's a female. A male painted turtle does not grow that large.
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carolina - 2015-10-03
Hello sir/madam. we have Black Scorpions For Sale. We have several 100gm above Black Scorpions For Sale at extremely a good price. Life span 6-8 years. 100gm and above With sizes that ranges as from 11-20mm and 24-26 cm's. Good for medicinal values,research and etc... Please serious inquires only- We supply at large scale and have been doing this now for more than 10 years and supplying to over 15 countries, just contact us to

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  • shehzor kazi - 2015-10-06
    hi,we are interested in 100gms plus jet black scorpions,pl send pictures/videos to me so that we can go further on.
    shehzor kazi.
  • van de oog - 2015-10-09
    please send me the price for one black scorpion 100 gram and more
  • Shuaa - 2015-11-02
    Ms Carolina,

    I am interested in buying the black ones 100 or if you have above ! I am serious
    Where are you located exactly ?

    I need it for school... Contact me ASAP!
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Dustin - 2015-10-29
My 3' Costa Rican ornate wood turtle was just upgraded to a 60 gallon tank. I have everything in place except what would be used for his 'shell-ter'. It's just substrate, bowl to wade, basking area, food area etc. He's been in his bowl two days? He had a fake tree and leaves henwould burrow under. Should I just stick with leaves? Is this why he's not getting out of his bowl?


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